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How To Wrap Large & Oversized Gifts

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Not sure how to successfully wrap that bike or oversized box? Here are some practical (and a few creative) solutions for wrapping those hard-to-wrap gifts.

Big Boxes

Standard rolls of wrap measure up to 30" in width, which isn’t quite enough to wrap some oversized boxes. Try special 40" wide gift wrap and you"ll be covered (and so will your gifts!)

Out of the Box

It’s a safe bet that oddly shaped items such as bikes or golf clubs won’t fit in a box. Instead, use oversized gift sacks or — in the case of a golf club — a mailing tube that you can dress up with a bow.

Game On

Instead of trying to disguise a large gift, make a game of it! Wrap up clues in boxes around the house and make the payoff — a bike hanging in the garage — truly memorable.