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Tips & Ideas for Small Closets

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We’ve all been there. Whether it’s an older home, apartment or a dorm room, tiny closets are all too common. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tricks for maximizing every square inch of space with these big ideas for closets short on space.

Make use of your door

Make space by getting shoes, purses and other accessories off the floor and shelves and onto your door. Over-the-door shoe racks and elfa Door & Wall Racks are great options.

Add another hanging rod

Most closets come equipped with only one closet rod. Adding another one doubles your hanging space. You can accomplish the same thing by using an extender rod that hangs from your first closet rod.

Add drawers

Sweaters, workout clothes and accessories take up less space when folded or rolled in a drawer. elfa Start-a-Stacks are a good choice. Plus, you’ll be able to see what all your options are at a glance.

Add dividers

Shelf and drawer dividers keep piles neat and contained. They also force you to fold items compactly, saving space. Consider using elevated shelf dividers like those used in kitchen cabinets to make use of all your vertical space.

Add hooks

Hooks are your friends. Whether you choose single hooks or a hook rack, they are perfect for hanging up belts, robes, necklaces and even purses. Look inside your closet for empty wall space and put a hook there.