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Our Top 4 Handbag Storage Ideas

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For many women, handbags are an integral part of their wardrobe. With so many shapes and sizes, it can be a little tricky to keep them organized and well-protected. From purse and handbag organizers to inserts and dust covers, follow these smart tips and ideas for storing yours in the closet.

Set a Game Plan

Depending on your space, you’ll need to decide where you are able to store your handbags. In a closet, look at shelf space, closet rod and open wall space. Don’t forget the space on the back of your closet door. Keep the bags you’re using most frequently within easy reach and easy sight. Special occasion bags or those used less frequently can be stored in clear or labeled storage boxes.

Protection is Key

To preserve their shape, stuff bags that will be stored long-term with handbag shapers to preserve the shape. Bags made of natural fibers and leather should always be stored in a climate-controlled environment. Be sure to use a handbag dust cover to keep your purse looking its best. Many dust covers include a pocket for holding a photo of the handbag stored inside.


Because of their smaller size, many clutches are ideal for storing in a hanging shoe bag or stackable shoe racks. You can store one or two in each compartment so they’re protected and easy to see. Other options include bins and baskets.

Shoulder Bags

You can choose to store bags with straps either in bins on a closet shelf, hooks on a closet rod or on hooks mounted to a wall. If hanging, please note that over time, the hook may damage the strap, so make sure only handbags you’re using and swapping out frequently are stored this way.

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