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Purse Organization Tips

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Ask any woman and she’ll tell you keeping her handbag stocked with only the essentials is a daily challenge. Follow these tips on organizing the inside of your purse to make keeping your handbag organized a cinch!

What should I have in my purse?

A wallet or a small pouch for currency, credit cards and identification are “musts” for every purse. Many women choose to carry a small cosmetic pouch for touch-ups on the go. You’ll want a place for your mobile phone, sunglasses and/or reading glasses. It’s also a good idea to carry supplies such as medication, bandages, tissues and antibacterial wipes.

What should I leave out of my purse?

Full-size bottles, tubes or a large hair brush are too big and take up too much space inside a handbag. Use travel-sized bottles and opt for a folding hairbrush instead.

How do I keep it all organized?

As purses have gotten larger, the need for internal organization is essential. It’s best to use a variety of pouches to separate and contain like items inside your bag. Organization pouches also make changing purses simple and fast. Pouches in bright colors are easy to spot. Clear or mesh pouches are another great option — they allow you to see what’s inside at a quick glance. Of course, you may also opt to use a removable purse or handbag organizer. These handy organizers fit inside your handbag and contain compartments and pockets for all your necessities. They also make changing over to a new handbag easy! Just lift out the organizer and drop it in the new one.