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Hall Closet Organization Ideas

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For some families, the hall closet can quickly become a dumping ground. If you’re ready to transform your messy hall closet into a closet worthy of showing off to company, follow these simple steps to closet organization!

  • Identify what the closet is being used for based on its location — seasonal items such as coats and rain boots? Linen closet overflow? Narrow it down as much as you can.
  • Purge the closet of its contents. Throw away or donate items that haven’t been touched in years, and place items like board games in a more functional spot like the playroom.
  • Organize the items before putting them back into the closet and create a plan for accommodating them. Do you need hanging space? Space for luggage? Could you use additional shelving? A place for shoes?
  • Make use of the space on the door. Install an over-the-door organizer like an elfa utility Door & Wall Rack. You’ll love being able to organize small items like gloves, umbrellas, hats and bags.
  • Choose a storage system that’s flexible so it can accommodate your changing needs. Note obstructions in the space you need to work around. Take measurements.
  • Plan your closet so that the most frequently used items are most accessible, and the least frequently used items are on top shelves.
  • Remove old shelves and rods; patch and paint walls. Evaluate lighting and replace/update fixtures if necessary.
  • Install a custom closet system like elfa.
  • When putting items back in the closet, keep things organized by season and/or function and refer to your original plan.

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