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4 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Closet

4 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Closet-mobile-image

Do a little dance every time you open your closet door ®

From the tiny home craze and focus on downsizing to the popularity of books on decluttering and infatuation with the KonMari Method, people everywhere are embracing the idea that less is more. They are letting go of the things that weigh them down and keeping only the things that bring joy or add meaning to their lives. It’s freeing, liberating and inspiring, and we have made getting started, easy.

Take Inventory

Don’t let this step overwhelm you. Simply empty out your closet and decide what you love living with.

Keep, Donate, Tailor or Toss

Make piles and be strong. Use the one-year rule — if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s probably safe to donate it or toss it. You may even want to make a pile for items that need to be repaired or altered.If you’re really struggling with letting things go, give yourself permission to keep a few sentimental items. Consider storing these things in a labeled archival box or weathertight tote in another area.


Grouping like items together and labeling storage boxes and bins is a must. You’ll also want to maximize all of the available space, including vertical space from floor to ceiling and the often-wasted space behind the door. Don’t forget to relocate items that don’t belong to their appropriate locations.

Put Away

Now for the fun part. New hangers and clear storage containers can give your closet an entirely new look. Be sure to put things you wear or use regularly within reach and store seasonal or rarely used items up upper shelves or out of sight.

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