A Career at The Container Store

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following will answer any questions you may have about employment opportunities.

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How do you find new employees?
The primary means of recruiting new employees to The Container Store is through employee networking and referrals. Our most enthusiastic customers often inquire about opportunities and become our best employees. We post positions on our Web site and on job boards such as CareerBuilder.com or Craigslist.org. For new stores in particular, we leverage social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

What is the process after an application is received?
Our goal is for all employment applications to be reviewed by a manager within a week. Every applicant receives a reply by email or phone. For most positions, we begin the interviewing process with a phone interview, which may be followed by a group interview, and then one or more personal interviews.

What should I wear to an interview?
Our stores and Home Office have "business casual" attire. While it's perfectly fine to do so, there is no need to wear a business suit to an interview; a collared shirt and slacks or blouse and skirt would be appropriate.

What are the opportunities for career advancement?
No two employees have the same career path at The Container Store. Employees participate in guiding their own careers and are trained and supported to take on many responsibilities. We promote from within whenever possible. When we offer a new opportunity to an employee, we carefully match that employee's company perspective, experience, leadership and talents with the needs of our business.

Your Careers page shows openings, but I was told there are no open positions at this time.
We handle the openings listed on our Careers page a little differently than most companies. Some companies only post openings when there is an immediate need; however, we keep an open link on our Careers page for all locations. This allows an applicant to apply online at any time. Our managers review every application for current and future employment opportunities.

How do I apply to a specific department at your Home Office?
We keep an open link to our Home Office on our Careers page. We encourage you to submit an application and tell us your areas of interest. We read every application and keep online applications in our searchable database for two years for future employment opportunities.

Do you offer an internship or co-op program?
Although we do not offer a traditional internship program, we are committed to introducing students to our unique business environment. We may offer customized internships based on the needs of our business in a variety of areas in our Home Office and Distribution Center.

What is the minimum age requirement to work at The Container Store?
We can consider candidates who are of legal working age, which varies by state. There are some positions in our stores that are limited to those 18 and older because of safety requirements.

Equal Employment Opportunity
We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Equal Employment Opportunity Notices
Equal Employment Opportunity is The Law
Family and Medical Leave Act
Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Job Safety and Health - OSHA

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Do store employees earn commission?
No, salespeople do not work on commission. We offer wages and salaries for salespeople that are as much as 50% to 100% higher than the retail industry average. The rates of pay are individualized and take into account each employee's unique background, contribution and potential impact on our company's growth. We encourage team-based selling to ensure that our customers benefit from our creative approach to solving their storage challenges.

What are your employee recognition programs?
Unlike conventional, formalized employee recognition programs, The Container Store strives to creatively celebrate employees in a variety of ways. Our company culture fosters teamwork and a positive environment. The unique spirit of our culture is most evident in the supportive and spontaneous way in which employees take the time to recognize the efforts and contributions of their co-workers. This may include a quick congratulatory email from our President or CEO, inclusion in our weekly company communication or even an award created by a fellow employee to recognize a co-worker's contributions. We celebrate an employee's 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service through our very special service award program.

What are your employee incentive programs?
From time to time we host fun company wide sales contests that are designed to create a little friendly competition and enhance camaraderie. Additionally, some stores create their own incentive programs to motivate and inspire employees. We enhance our hiring efforts by paying a networking bonus to current employees who refer new employees to our company who are hired. We also have a Management Bonus Program where store-level managers may be eligible to earn a monthly compensation bonus.

TRAINING  back to top

What type of training do you offer employees?
Every new employee receives a week of intensive Foundation Training. This training includes information on our company history, Foundation Principles™, safety, selling, merchandising and much more. In their first year, full-time employees receive 263 hours of training. And, our training is never-ending. We provide product, selling and operations training to all employees – both full- and part-time – on an ongoing basis!

Do you have a management training program?
Yes. In addition to Foundation Training, a new store manager completes five additional weeks of training to cover topics such as Leadership, People, Operations and Running the Business.

LOCATION  back to top

Where are your stores located?
We have stores located from coast to coast. Please reference our store locations page to find the store nearest you.

Where is your Home Office and Distribution Center located?
Our Home Office and Distribution Center are located in a 1,000,000 sq. ft. building in Coppell, TX. This single facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex supports all of our stores.

How do I apply for a store location that has not yet opened?
We announce our new store locations on our website – check back often for the most current information. We begin reviewing applications about three months prior to a store's grand opening – we follow the same online application and interview process for a new store as we do for existing stores.

How can I pursue my interest in employment with The Container Store if there isn't a store in my area?
We encourage you to apply to a location where you may have interest in relocation to. All of our store locations are listed on our website, and we announce new store locations there as well. Additionally, we send emails to registered users of our Web site to alert them to new store openings.

What are your expansion plans?
We are committed to selecting exceptional, A+ real estate sites. We generally open new locations in areas dense with busy, time-starved customers. Please see our store locations page for upcoming store openings.

APPLYING ONLINE  back to top

How do I submit an application?
From the Careers page of our website, choose "View All Options" and find the area of our business where you are interested in applying. You can choose a state to find a specific store location. When you have successfully completed the online application, you will receive an email confirmation.

I need an accommodation to complete an application.
The Container Store will provide reasonable accommodations to complete an application upon request. Please contact our Recruiting Department at 1-800-718-7787 to receive additional instruction on how to apply with us. Accommodations are available to individuals with disabilities that limit their ability to complete the application process.

I don't have an email address – what should I enter on the application?
We stay in touch with applicants primarily by email throughout the interview process. If you do not have an email address you can use a service like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail to quickly sign up for a free web-based email account.

Do I have to complete the application all at one time?
After beginning an application, choose "Save as Draft" if you would like to return at a later time to complete it. Once you have completed the required fields and are ready to submit it, choose "Submit." A confirmation page lets you know your application was saved to our database and submitted to the location of your choice. You will also receive a confirmation email.

I tried to save my completed application but received error messages.
Please know that there are some required fields on the application that must be completed so that the application can be saved to our database. These fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the field. If any of the required fields are missing, you will be prompted to complete them. You may need to adjust your information to complete the required fields. For example, if you are currently employed but are looking for a part-time position, you will not have an end date in your Employment History. You should instead enter the current date and note in the text box that you are "currently employed with plans to remain with that employer while working part-time at The Container Store."

Can I apply to more than one position or location?
Our online process is designed so that you must choose one location to submit your initial application. Once you have completed the application and submitted it, you can submit it to other locations. Simply choose a location or position and enter as a Returning User. The application you originally created will automatically be submitted to that location for consideration.

Can I revise my online application?
You can add, change or delete information at any time by returning to the Careers page of our website, clicking "Career Center" and choosing "View/Edit My Online Application." Enter as a Returning User and you will see your current information. Make and save your changes. The next time your application is viewed, only the updated version will be visible.

When I update my application, is it submitted again automatically?
Only the most recently updated application is viewed by us, but if you want to submit to another location or resubmit to the same location after 90 days, you will take an extra step in our Career Center. Click "Submit an Online Application," choose a location and enter as a Returning User. The application will automatically be submitted to that location for consideration.

Can I attach a formatted resume or other document?
We prefer to read your information on the application itself. If you wish to add a resume, you may copy and paste a resume into the unlimited text box titled "More About You" at the end of the application. You may also a document by clicking on the link "Add an Attachment."

I created an employment application and tried to log in, but the system says my password is invalid.
The sign in link at the top of our web page is for online shopping and is not associated with the login for our Career Center. Please be sure you are returning to the Careers page to log in. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Can I change my username and password?
You are not able to change your username or password you used to reach your online application. If you have forgotten your username or password, click the "Forgot Username or Password" link and your information will be sent to the email address you supplied in the General Information section of your application. If you create a new application, the email address must be unique and cannot be a duplicate of an email address you previously used.

My computer crashed while I was working on the application. Do I need to start over?
You can login to your profile to check on your status. Go to the Careers page of our website, click "Career Center" then "View/Edit My Online Application." Enter as a Returning User and you will see whether you have successfully submitted your application. If you get a message saying that your login or password is invalid, you will need to create a new application. You can also check your Resume Submission History on the Career Center by entering as a Returning User.


What is the Summary of Rights for California Consumer Reporting Agencies Act?
Summary of Rights for California Consumer Reporting Agencies Act California Civil Code Section 1786.22

Please know that you have a right under California law to inspect files maintained on you by an investigative consumer reporting agency pursuant to any of the following procedures, during normal business hours and on reasonable notice:
You may personally inspect the files if you provide proper identification (e.g., valid driver's license, social security account number, military identification card, credit cards), and may receive a copy of the file for the actual cost of duplication services provided.
You may make a written request, by certified mail and with proper identification, as described above, for copies to be sent to a specified addressee.
You may make a written request, with proper identification as described above, for telephone disclosure of a summary of information contained in your files, if any toll charge is prepaid by or charged directly to you.
If you are unable to provide "proper identification" through the types of cards or numbers listed above, the agency may require additional information concerning your employment and personal or family history in order to verify your identity.
The agency must provide trained personnel to explain to you any information that the agency is required to furnish to you from your file. The agency also must provide you with a written explanation of any coded information contained in your files at the time inspection of your files is permitted. You are permitted by law to be accompanied by one other person of your choosing when inspecting your files. That person must furnish reasonable identification. The agency may require you to provide the agency with a written statement granting permission to the agency to discuss your file in such person's presence. The agency also is not required by law to make available to you the sources of information in your files, although such information would be obtainable through proper discovery procedures in any court action brought under Title 1.6A of the Civil Code pertaining to Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies.