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Closet Tips from a True Closet Master

The Container Store's Divisional Merchandise Director Lauren Hill takes us inside her stunningly-organized shared closet

by Brad

Not long ago, our Divisional Merchandise Director Lauren Hill collaborated with Cleo TV to take their audience inside her gorgeous Elfa D├ęcor closet. As a longtime Container Store employee who's spent years developing new products with our vendors, she's one of our biggest "in-house" experts, and she was happy to share her favorite closet organization tips and suggestions.

Check out each of Lauren's suggestions below!

Shoe Storage

Lauren LOVES shoes, and her favorite shoe storage solution is our Drop-Front Shoe Box. What she loves about them, she says, is that they're "modular, stackable, and you can literally just open the front and take your shoes out for easy access. How awesome is that?" Both she and her husband utilize them for their shoe collections, and they're super easy to move around and re-arrange as needed.

Handbag Storage

"Some say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but in my case it's handbags," Lauren says. To keep these handbags well-protected, tidy, and easy to find, she uses both the Acrylic 4-Section Purse Storage Organizer and Acrylic 3-Compartment Clutch & Small Purse Organizer. "These make them a breeze to pull out!" she adds.

Lauren also recommends using the Innies Quilted Purse Shapers to keep your clutches and purses in great shape. "Asking my husband to replace one of my handbags after it loses its shape is out of the question!" she jokes.


Lauren and her husband chose several different types of hangers for their closet because, she notes, "it's not just about the aesthetics--it's also about the garment being stored." For their polo-style shirts and sweaters, they use the Black Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers, which are available in both shirt hanger and suit hanger styles. She likes that their curved design prevents "dimples" in the shoulders of their garments. "And even though these are flocked hangers, you can still use them to drip-dry your clothing in the laundry room!" she explains.

Lauren also recommends the Basic and Superior Wood Hangers. "The Superior Hanger is perfect for hanging suits and heavy coats, and really helps maintain the shape of the garment," she says. "And the Basic Hanger is for everything else in your closet--think t-shirts, logo wear, etc. Remember, the hanger should be all about the garment, so it's okay to have a variety--just make sure they all match."

Jewelry Storage

"I use a combination of countertop and in-drawer solutions for my jewelry," Lauren says. First, she loves the White Glass Stackers Jewelry Box because of its modular design that allows the user to customize it according to their needs. And she also recommends the Stackers Medium Expandable Jewelry Storage Tray because it keeps jewelry hidden away and protected; plus, it expands easily to fit drawers of different sizes.

Seasonal Storage

Last, but not least, Lauren says, is seasonal storage. She recommends coordinating boxes to keep out-of-season clothing neatly stored and accessible, yet out of sight. She uses our Grey Cambridge Purse Bins, Storage Boxes, and Drop-Front Sweater Boxes, noting that the collection is also available in black, navy, and linen. "Everything is perfectly labeled and has a place. I use these for accessory storage, seasonal clothing, and other miscellaneous items that I don't want in plain sight. I also threw in our Lattice Bins for additional storage and more of a 'decor' look."

There you have it--suggestions directly from one of our biggest experts! For more closet organization inspiration, be sure to browse our Closet section and our Projects & Inspiration page.