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Before You Check Your Bags...Tips for Air Travel

Never again leave home unprepared

by Carly

Air travel can become complicated very quickly. Even if you're traveling solo, remembering to pack your toiletries correctly, adhere to luggage weight and size limits, and organize all identification and accessories to get to your seat smoothly takes a lot more planning and energy than you think - especially if you're not prepared.

If you have a flight coming up, (no matter how short or long) think about taking a few of these essential air-travel tips with you!

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Travel Securely

Nothing ruins a trip faster than having your handbag, wallet, passport or items from your luggage stolen. And thieves have made an art of targeting tourists. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple things you can do to protect your belongings.


Secure Your Luggage

Would-be thieves are opportunists. Make their job harder by selecting luggage with puncture-proof zippers and using TSA-approved locks. Never travel with valuable jewelry or electronics in your luggage, and, if you must bring valuables, keep them on your person or in your carry-on bag.


Protect Passports and Valuables

These days, thieves don't even have to steal your wallet to steal your personal information. They can simply scan and retrieve the information stored on the chip embedded in an unprotected passport, credit card or bankcard from a remote location. But you can protect your information by using specially designed passport and credit card sleeves that block RFID signals. You can also find wallets and handbags that totally block RFID signals or feature specially marked pockets.


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In-flight Comforts

The perfect trip starts with proper planning. Ideally you'd have everything done the day before you leave, but we realize that's not always realistic and it often comes right down to the wire. Make the most of your upcoming in-flight relaxing with these tips.


Stay Fresh

Whether its mints, mists, anti-bacterial wipes or towelettes - it's important to bring something refreshing and cleansing for your plane ride. Planes can zap your skin of its moisture and they also tend to spread germs. You can use our Herban Essentials to stay fresh and our minimergency Kit to stay prepared for any in-flight need.


Take a Rest

Keeping comfy, no matter how long the flight is will help leaps and bounds with any trip. Be prepared with a pillow, blanket or eye-shades. Use our Nap Sac Blanket & Pillow as an all-in-one solution for any in-flight comfort need. Plus, it zips back into a compact design that's easy to store in any carry-on bag.


Plan for Toiletries

According to TSA guidelines, liquids, gels and aerosols that you want to carry on the plane must be in three-ounce or smaller containers and in a one-quart, zip-top bag. It's imperative to put shampoo, lotion, hair gel, toothpaste mouthwash and other liquids in guaranteed leakproof bottles to prevent spills. Our Nalgene Collection absolutely does the trick for anything and everything you want to take.


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The One Stop International Shop

If you're going international, you'll want to bring a lot more on the plane with you than a domestic flight, but carry-on sizing rules still apply. Fit the most into your carry-on with these tips and our International Travel Starter Kit.

Travel In Comfort

Whether you're planning a road trip or taking to the skies, a few creature comforts can go a long way to ensuring a pleasant trip. An inflatable pillow and travel blanket make catnaps more comfortable and prevent neck kinks and flattened hairdos. And of course, packing a good book, magazine or a few games can make time fly.

Plan Ahead

Make a list of the things you need to pack, making sure you're only taking along what you will absolutely need in order to reduce the number of bags you'll need to take. Once you're packed and ready to go, allow yourself ample time to get to the airport, taking into consideration such factors as traffic, weather and time of day. By arriving at the airport early, you can avoid the feeling of being rushed as you pass through security and will allow plenty of time to board the plane. Check with your airline or airport for estimates wait times at the security checkpoints. If checking bags, you may need to arrive earlier.

Organize Your Identification

You will be asked to provide government-issued photo identification at various checkpoints throughout the airport. In addition, passengers are required to provide proof of travel, including a boarding pass, or printed confirmation of an e-ticket. Keep all of these items organized and quickly accessible.

Pack Smarter

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines limit carry-on baggage to one bag plus one personal item (i.e. purse, briefcase, laptop or backpack.) Many airlines have leveraged fees for checking bags or for checking more than one bag. Use a clothing compression system like the Pack-It System to make the most of the space. These items will also help expedite the security process, allowing security personnel to lift and sort through clothing, toiletries and shoes quickly and easily. The see-through mesh side panels allow for quick identification of the contents. Because garments are neatly folded and secured, putting items back into your luggage after passing through security is a snap.

Plan for Toiletries

According to TSA guidelines, liquids, gels and aerosols that you want to carry on the plane must be in three-ounce or smaller containers and in a one-quart, zip-top bag. It's imperative to put shampoo, lotion, hair gel, toothpaste mouthwash and other liquids in guaranteed leakproof bottles to prevent spills. Visit for more details about these restrictions.

We hope that a few of these tips have made you a little more excited for your next trip. If you've found you're missing a few of these essentials, check out all of our Travel Starter Kits here and cheers to the easy, stress-free travels ahead!