I'm not afraid to admit it. After the kids have made a mass exodus from dinner and I spy the tiny remnants of a crumbled cookie under the table, or my favorite eye shadow decides to sprinkle on the bathroom floor the morning I'm late for that important meeting.... I don't want to do that dreaded walk to get the big broom and dustpan. Yes. Gasp. maybe I turned my head and put off the clean-up for a little later a time or two. Why is that? It feels like I'm about to do a big ol' chore when all I want to do is sit down and take a deep after-dinner breath or simply get out the door on time.

But when I discovered this cutie the Tiny Team Mini Bamboo Brush & Dustpan Set, the small clean ups became kind of fun! And guess what? It's an eco-friendly product made of sustainable bamboo and recycled plastic. Bonus! The brush and dust pan set is only 7-inches by 7-inches, so I've put them in several areas of the house for those tiny messes. It's good looking and can either hang on a hook, stand upright on a shelf or fit in a drawer.

The folks at Full Circle who make this mini-marvel say their company is "a result of a vision shared by a ‘group of friends': a brand that balances style, function, sustainability and affordability in every single product." They say that, "being advocates of greener lifestyles ourselves; we were constantly dissatisfied with the poor selection of quality green goods on the market. This is why we strive to create products that are of superior design and creativity, combined with eco-friendly materials and functional efficacy." I love that. And I love that I can do a quick clean up of those small messes in a snap!