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Part 2: JumpmanBostic's Big Reveal

A massive Nike Jordan collection gets organized

by Lauren

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Mark Bostic, a sneaker collector with over 1,300 pairs of Nike Air Jordan's. During his visit to our headquarters, we surprised him with over 800 of our Men's Drop Front Shoe Boxes for his massive sneaker collection. During his time with us, Mark also revealed that he collects far more than just shoes. In fact, his collection includes pretty much any type of Michael Jordan memorabilia including Wheaties boxes, Gatorade Bottles, jerseys, watches and sports cards.

Understandably, and even with the new shoe organization, Mark's basement was overflowing and still significantly disorganized. But he genuinely had no idea where to start with transforming the space. We had a few ideas in mind.

And so we decided to do one more thing for Mark. In addition to the boxes, we wanted to come up with an Elfa Solution to organize his entire Jordan collection, all memorabilia included. Mark took a few measurements of his space, and worked with one of our Elfa Designers to create the perfect solution. Soon, Mark was finally able to give his collection the organization it deserved.

The results are stunning. You can check out Mark's full story and big reveal below, and don't forget to follow Mark on Instagram to keep up with his growing collection.