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Six Small Organization Projects To Start Your New Year Off Right

Starting small can make a big impact!

by Brad

The beginning of a new year means a new opportunity to start fresh. It's a time to forget old acquaintances (per the song's instructions), make resolutions, and think positive. Everyone's new year resolutions are different, but if yours include becoming a more organized person, you've certainly come to the right place!

The six organization projects below are small, easily-manageable projects that can be done in a relatively short period of time, but they'll reap big rewards by saving you time and frustration in the long run.

Organize a Junk Drawer


Pictured: Stackable Organizers Junk Drawer Starter Kit

Just about everyone has that one kitchen drawer stuffed with a random assortment of items (pens, batteries, rubber bands, a tire gauge, gold Krugerrands, your childhood retainer, lost Lite Brite pegs, etc.), but just because it's random doesn't mean it has to be messy. In fact, you can have your junk drawer looking less junky in practically no time! (Check out the video and steps here.)

Organize Your Makeup


Pictured: Luxe Acrylic Tall Makeup Storage Kit

Getting ready in the morning is already stressful enough--particularly if you haven't had coffee yet--so there's no reason to let a disorganized cosmetic area make it even worse. Rather than sorting through a jumbled mish-mash of makeup, save time by setting up an organized makeup station. That way, you can quietly sip that first cup (or fourth) of java and get ready in peace. (Check out the video and steps here.)

Organize Under a Bathroom Sink


Pictured: Bathroom Cabinet Starter Kit

While you're organizing your cosmetics, you might as well tackle your bathroom cabinet too! If not properly maintained, the area under the sink can become a disaster zone of squished toilet paper rolls, forgotten bath bombs, and half-used lotion bottles, but a little TLC can go a long way toward making your morning routine even easier. (Check out the video and steps here.)

Organize Your Shoes


Pictured: 40-Pair Shoe Organizer Solution

Another important part of your morning routine is putting on your shoes before you head out the door. (Unless you're a professional firewalker--in which case, just skip this paragraph.) An organized shoe area--whether in your master closet, coat closet, entryway, or mudroom--is a valuable time saver by keeping them all in one place so you're not forced to hunt down the right pair when you're running late. (Check out the video and steps here.)

Organize Your Playroom


Pictured: Kids' Craft & Toy Storage Cart & Accessories

Kids will be kids, so your playroom will never stay tidy all the time, but the right organization system can at least make it all manageable. By making sure everything has its proper place, your kids will easily know where everything goes once playtime is over and, hopefully, save you some tears over lost toys! (Check out the video and steps here.)

Organize Files and Paperwork


Pictured: Silver Mesh Stackable File Crate with optional Caster Base

Tax time will be here before you know it, and most people (excluding accountants and other "numbers" types) don't exactly look forward to it. Nevertheless, you can always get a jump-start on it and get your papers in order far in advance. After all, why make an unpleasant experience even more unpleasant by sifting through a huge, messy stack of papers? (Check out the video and steps here.)

If you still want to get organized but didn't quite find the tips you needed here, check out our Projects & Inspiration section for even more. And if you want to show off your latest completed project, post a photo in the comments below or on our My Organized Life page--we'd love to see how your spaces turn out!