August's Seventeen Magazine highlighted seven of our products that help make any space feel oh-so-zen!

One was our ever-handy Stackers Small Bedside Pocket as a quick fix for a zen-like room. This ingenious solution slips under your mattress and feature pockets for holding and organizing everything from your reading glasses and phone to magazines and eReaders. You'll even find cable loops to keep cords tangle-free - how VERY zen of you.

Our Solid Wood Bed Risers also made an appearance - quickly providing even more storage space that can keep those larger boots and winter woolies out of the way when the summer season hits!

Our Solid Wood Folding Hutch and Franlin Desk Riser shine as decor and function for any small desk space! They both instantly free up room for more memories, desk accessories and fun quotes!

Our Flex Shower Mirror, StickOn Pods and Huggable Hangers helped this space-conscious closet pull double duty as a glam station and wardrobe room!