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A Picture-Perfect Photo Studio Makeover

Inside Hungry Hipsters' new organized workspace

by Brad

All photos courtesy of Hungry Hipsters

When Bre Chiero, the founder of digital creative agency Hungry Hipsters, first moved her company into their new office/photo studio, she knew immediately that the multi-functional space could use some organizational magic. "Prop styling is the biggest part of my job, and not having a single closet in my space made it almost impossible to function," she says. She contacted The Container Store for a custom Elfa design, and with plenty of help from our friends at Space Camp Organizing, she was able to get her workspace in shape as quickly as possible!

After measuring the available space, we worked with Bre to create custom Elfa designs for two different spaces--a shelving unit for assorted props and styling pieces, and a standing desk workspace. She looked closely at our selection of components, and she decided that White Elfa Décor would be the best choice. The Ventilated Wire Shelves are easily adjustable as the needs of the business change, and the White Décor Fascia Trim gives them a more attractive look.

To properly categorize the myriad of items Bre and her team use on a daily basis, she employed a variety of boxes, bins, and drawers. The Home Edit's All-Purpose Deep Bins with Dividers proved to be one of the most versatile, storing items such as headbands and ribbon.

Bre also found that The Home Edit's Organizer Bins made a great storage solution for sunglasses, cosmetics, and other items.

The Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinets also proved to be very useful. Bre's team labeled each drawer according to the item category, and used the Drawer Inserts to keep the contents tidy.

Our Shoe Boxes and Tall Shoe Boxes came in handy for larger items. The boxes' clear polypropylene allows the contents to be seen easily, and they can be labeled with a white chalk marker.

On a separate wall, we installed an Elfa standing desk area with shelves, drawers, and Utility Pegboards. Bre filled the top two shelves with a variety of boxes for organization, including our Deep Sweater Boxes and Stockholm Office Storage Boxes. And with the addition of Utility Shelf/Trays and Boxes, the pegboards were the perfect place for small cameras and office supplies.

Once the space makeover was complete, Bre was overjoyed with the result and shared photos on her Instagram account. "I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity to partner with [The Container Store]," she says. "I finally said goodbye to all of my moving boxes!"

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