Container Stories

A Perfectly Customized Interior Design Workspace

Denise Morrison takes us inside her design firm's beautifully organized sample room

by Brad

When the team at Denise Morrison Interiors moved into their new office space in Newport Beach, CA, they knew they would need to set up a new sample room to help present ideas to their clients. "Making sure our space functioned well for us was so important," says Founder & Principal Designer Denise Morrison. "Of course, we wanted it to look pretty, but when we found options that worked really well for how we work, we were really excited." To begin the process, they visited our new Custom Closets store at Farmers Market and spoke with our closet experts, who presented them with a variety of options. After looking at all four Custom Closets lines and weighing the benefits of each, they happily chose Elfa Décor.



Thanks to its amazing strength and flexible design configurations, an island made of Elfa Drawer Units. made perfect sense, and it quickly became the centerpiece of the sample room. "We wanted something super functional that could house all of our tile materials," Denise explains. "We work with a lot of heavy stone, and [The Container Store] had the perfect product for us. This beautiful island has a great surface; we have the ability to put our fabrics out and create designs there. Overall, this island is key to our space."

Surrounding the island are Elfa Ventilated Shelves with Birch Décor Fascia. On the shelves, Water Hyacinth Bins—complete with Clip Labels— allow Denise's team to sort fabric samples by color and style. To show carpet samples, they cleverly utilized the Elfa Closet Rod and hung them from Natural Wooden Pant/Skirt Hangers, making it easy to compare samples and help their clients choose the right options. "Hanging them so that they are easily identifiable was a huge benefit and something we were really excited about," she says.

One prominent feature of the sample room is its use of Angled Shoe Shelves. These allow Denise's team to display tiles next to carpet and samples to make sure everything coordinates perfectly. ("It's the key to making sure everything works together," she says.)

"Another thing that we wanted was a place to use for [projects] that are in progress," Denise says. To accomplish this, a small area with a Birch Décor Shelf and Drawers was placed in one corner. "We needed a place that was a little bit tucked away, but that we could easily come back to. It works beautifully for laying out fabrics and tiles, and we can leave them there until the job is completed."

Denise and her team were overjoyed with the end result. "We couldn't be happier with our collaboration with The Container Store," she raves. "Our installer was so professional, on time, and he came and did everything for us within a matter of hours. He even adapted when we had a few last-minute changes! We think all the customization it offers helps make our sample room flow and work perfectly for us."

"As a designer, it's been a dream to have a functional and beautiful sample room," she adds. "And to have this Elfa system where we could customize things to exactly how we wanted was amazing. From start to finish, it was exactly what we'd hoped for!"