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Pantry Goals: How To Get Organized In A Small Space

"City Peach" blogger Mireille Beckworth shows how she made the most of her small pantry

by Mireille Beckworth

(Mireille Beckworth is a lifestyle blogger at City Peach. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.)

Recently, I realized something big: I didn't need a huge pantry to feel organized and at peace in my kitchen, I just needed some good shelving and organizational items. However, since I'm eight months pregnant, going back and forth to stores is the last thing I can do right now. So, to help turn my dream pantry into a reality, I turned to The Container Store and boy do they deliver. (Quite literally!)

Our first step in the reorganization process was to create a new, custom shelving system for our pantry. With the help of a designer from The Container Store, we designed our Elfa pantry using measurements and photos of our existing space to make sure the design would have everything we would need. Once the final design plans were approved, we scheduled our Elfa pantry to be installed (although it can also be DIY). They can come in and change up your space so easily, and all with no hassle to you!

We utilized the Elfa shelving that The Container Store specializes in, and it's so efficient. The Ventilated Shelves have a Liner to keep things in place, but there's also an option for solid shelves using Elfa Décor. (We put a White Décor Shelf over the drawers.) I think the pull-out drawers are my favorite part--such a great way to store things!

Elfa Ventilated Shelves with White Décor Fascia and Yamazaki Tosca Baskets.

Elfa Drawers with White Décor Frames

When it comes to organizing supplies, I already had a few baskets form The Container Store I've used for years, but I wanted everything in the pantry to be cohesive. I love using the Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids for all our ingredients--it's so much better than dealing with messy boxes and bags; plus, I can easily take inventory of what we're running low on. I also selected the Water Hyacinth Bins for boxed snacks and Tosca Baskets for cleaning products. All of these organizational tools are just a dream, making you feel organized and at peace for whatever phase of life you are in. It's definitely helping this crazy time with young kids!

Artisan Glass Canisters and Water Hyacinth Bins

We also added an Elfa Utility Door & Wall Rack to help maximize even more of this small space. I wanted a few baskets that we can use to store everyday items--such as the kids' school lunch items--and keep them off the countertops. I also wanted a space for "jot lists," and the Three by Three Dry Erase Boards are perfect for that. And again, this all felt so much better than cluttering up our countertops!

Elfa Utility Door & Wall Rack with magnetic Perch Bins and Three By Three Dry Erase Boards

As you can see, The Container Store pretty much WINS at kitchen organization. Letting them design a space according to your needs and then installing it really takes a lot off your plate and helps you reach your organization goals efficiently. Even with our small pantry, we have so much more space now and are utilizing every inch. I don't feel as though we are cramped for room at all. I mean, if organizing the pantry works this well, I can't wait to work on our other closets too!

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