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Organizing Your Shower Area with Umbra!

Our organizer friends share their favorite products for keeping a tidy tub area

by Brad

Umbra's products are, as we've mentioned before, our brand equivalent of a "Swiss Army Knife": endlessly versatile, incredibly clever, and stylishly constructed. But when many people think of Umbra's products, they first think of their great kitchen, closet, and office solutions and often forget about their amazing shower and bathtub items. Well, we at The Container Store consider this an egregious oversight that finally needs to be corrected.

To highlight these bathroom solutions, we teamed up with several professional organizers and bloggers to see what a difference these products made in their own spaces. Needless to say, everyone was VERY HAPPY with the results!

Blue i Style

Angela Rathbun (Blue i Style) used our Umbra Bask Shower Caddy to tidy up her boys' bathroom and loved how it turned out. "Since the stand-up shower in the superhero themed bathroom attached to boys' bedroom doesn't have any shelves, I needed to think about practical organization," she explains on Instagram. I recently added a three-tier shower caddy from The Container Store that hangs from the shower head (it can also hang from a shower curtain rod). The deep buckets hold everything the boys need, with room to spare. They have drain holes, which is great because it's already hard enough to keep a boy-bathroom clean. I also added a Gel-Lock Soap Dish that stays securely in place."

Neat Freak McKinney

Lisa Trigsted recently updated her shower area due to repeated issues with slippery soap bars. "These built-in corner units are nice, but the wet bar of soap never stayed put," she writes on her blog. To solve this problem, she also opted for the Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Soap Dish to keep her husband's shower items in order. "I love this soap caddy. It has a screw on tightener that actually works! And shaving in the shower just got easier for my hubs with the Umbra Flex Shower Mirror," she explains. She also added an Umbra Gel-Lock Bin for her own bath products, as well as an Umbra Starfish Drain Cover.

Because her grandchildren often use the bathtub in the guest bathroom, Lisa decided to also utilize the Umbra Bask Shower Caddy as well--not only for soap and shampoo, but also for bath toys and baby products. And last but not least, she implemented the Umbra Starfish Drain Cover to prevent clogging. "No more 'snaking' long gross hairs out of your shower or bathtub drain!" she gushes.

Operation Organization

Another fan of the Umbra Bask Shower Caddy is Katrina Teeple of Operation Organization. She's over the moon about this product, describing as a "game changer" to her Instagram followers. "We are using it for bath toy storage and shampoo. So tidy looking!" she raves. Katrina also put the Umbra Starfish Drain Cover to good use--not for hair, but for Legos! "Don't ask! #MomLife," she writes.

Practically Perfect

Our friends Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect recently gave a little TLC to their own bathrooms, citing a need for more order and less chaos at bath time. "'BATH TIME' might have a relaxing connotation for some folks — but as moms to 3 kids each, the phrase generally has a more chaotic ring to us!" they explained via Instagram. By installing the Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Corner Bin, Soap Dish, and Shower Mirror, they were able to "streamline and simplify the scrub-a-dub that happens in this tub!"

TBR nyc

For lifestyle blogger Tanika Rottura, organizing her shower area was less about simple convenience and more about self-care. "I strongly believe if you have a clutter-free home it allows you to focus more on your overall well being," she writes on her TBR nyc blog. In addition to the Umbra's Bask Shower Caddy, Soap Dish, and Starfish Drain Cover, she also utilized the Single Shelf Caddy, insuring everything has its own proper place. "Our tiny bathroom didn't have storage space, and thanks to The Container Store we've managed to find practical solutions!" she says.

You can check out all of Umbra's fantastic bathtub and shower area products here!