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Organizing Your First Apartment: Bath & Laundry

Make medicine cabinet snoopers jealous of your organization

by Brad

It's an age-old story that plays out time and time again: you invite someone over to your apartment and they end up snooping in your medicine cabinet. Well, if it's bound to happen to all of us at some point, shouldn't we at least make the inside of the cabinet nice to look at? Not to mention, a lot more functional!

Well, with our versatile and customizable starter kits, you can make not only your medicine cabinet but your drawers, makeup area, under sink cabinet, bathroom closet, and laundry area ready to show off as well. Plus, in an apartment, getting the most out of every square inch matters, so organization is not only for looks--it's also practical!

Here are a few examples of our helpful starter kits...

Medicine Cabinet Storage

Simply put, those shallow medicine cabinet shelves can be a pain. When they're messy and unorganized and you're frantically searching for what you need, more often that not you'll end up accidentally knocking most of the contents onto the floor.

However, our Medicine Cabinet Starter Kit gives you everything you need to keep all your lotions, ointments, and unguents in place. This kit includes a Prescription Security Cabinet, pill boxes, a selection of bins, and even a small drawer to keep your bathroom floor free of pharmaceutical trip-hazards.


Bathroom Drawer Storage

Along with organization, it's also nice to give your bathroom drawers a little pop of color to brighten things up a bit. In our Metal Drawer Organizers Starter Kit, we've included two sets of our very chic and durable Three by Three Metal Drawer Organizers, allowing for a colorful, customizable storage solution based on your drawer's size and shape.


Makeup Storage

Because makeup is often stored on top of the counter for easy access, your storage solution should be both beautiful and functional. With the Luxe Acrylic Makeup Organizer Storage Kit, you receive both a Large Acrylic Modular Drawer (great for jars and palettes) and the Acrylic Makeup Organizer (ideal for brushes, bottles, and lipstick). And best of all, it's a modular system, so you can always add more drawers to your stack as your makeup collection grows!


Under Sink Storage

Your under sink cabinet is much like the liver of your bathroom--not particularly glamorous but extremely important. And much like a good liver needs plenty of iron to function properly, an under sink cabinet needs plenty of organization. Behold: the Bathroom Under Sink Starter Kit. It includes Small Tint Stacking Drawers, an InterDesign Clear Grid Tote, an Umbra Hide & Sink Caddy, and even an Elfa Drawer Unit to keep your toiletries nicely stashed away. A well-organized liver--sorry...under sink cabinet--isn't complete without it.


Bathroom Closet Storage

Bathroom closets typically have a bit more space than under sink cabinets, but organizing can be just as challenging. For this type of space we recommend our Bath Storage Solution from The Home Edit, which is chock-full of organizational goodies. To help maximize the height between shelves, it includes a 2-Tier Lazy Susan. For keeping your linens separate from toiletries, the Shelf Divider and Divided Turntable are essential. And for medication, first-aid supplies, and other smaller items, the assortment of bins and organizers in this starter kit are truly game-changing!


Laundry Storage

After taking care of the organizational behemoth that is the bathroom, it can be easy to forget about the laundry area, but don't! Whether your apartment has its own washer and dryer, or whether you have to tote your clothes back and forth to the laundromat, we've got starter kits to help whip your laundry into shape. Our Laundry & Cleaning Storage Cart starter kit includes a super-handy selection of portable bins and labels for your detergents and cleaners, and it's easy to tuck away in the corner of your laundry area. Our Laundry & Ironing Starter Kit includes a treasure trove of useful products: Stacking Laundry Baskets, an Accordion Drying Rack, a Rowenta Steam Iron, a FlipFOLD, and more!


With these bathroom and laundry starter kits, you can have your less-than-visually-appealing spaces looking so great you'll be proud to show them off to your visitors. (You can also browse even more of our starter kits here.) And for even more useful tips, don't forget to explore our Projects & Inspiration page.

Once you've organized your bathroom or laundry space, feel free to post a photo in the comments below! We'd love to see how it turns out!