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Operation: Desk Organization!

How to refresh and revitalize your WFH space

by Lindsay, Style + Dwell

Guest blogger Lindsay is half of the professional organizer duo Style + Dwell. All photos are courtesy of Style + Dwell.

Hi - I'm Lindsay! As you know, so many more people are working from home these days, and if you're like me, you may be reassessing your "home office." While it might not be an actual office (mine is a desk that I share with the kids in the kitchen), having a space that feels put together and organized can make a big difference in your productivity. I was ready for a space refresh, so we partnered with The Container Store to show you some of our favorite organizing products that can transform your desk space in an instant!

Desktop Essentials

Personally, I love having an orderly surface to work on (no surprise there!), but I do have a few key things that are always on my desk. My "must have" is my Poppin Sticky Memo Ball--I'll often use them to jot down priority "to-dos" to help me stay organized throughout the day. (Longer-term products or things that don't require my immediate attention will go in my digital calendar or paper planner.)

A big desktop calendar is another one of my essentials, as it allows me to see the entire month in quick glance. One other item I keep on the desktop is my Poppin Pencil Cup, especially if I'm reading over something that requires taking notes and highlighting. Besides those items-- and a cup of coffee of course!--I like having my workspace uncluttered. I keep the majority of my office supplies in a drawer so they're accessible but hidden away.

Pictured above: Poppin Assorted Ballpoint Pens and Russell + Hazel Acrylic Stapler

Organize Those Drawers

Drawers are often where the clutter likes to hide! Confession: before I whipped my desk into shape, I was a big free pen hoarder. I don't know what it is about those pens at hotels or meetings, but somehow I had accumulated quite the collection! Maybe I have a fear of running out of ink? Who knows--but I will say my drawers look 100% better with only a few select pens. Poppin's Signature Ballpoint Pens are my new favorite--they write in black, but make for colorful eye-candy!

To help keep all the supplies organized and separated in my drawer, I love the Poppin White Accessory Trays. In my desk drawers you'll also find a few decorative boxes--one for my back stock of office supplies, and another dedicated to mail/stationary. Speaking of supplies: doesn't work become a little more enjoyable when you have pretty tools to use? I use a Russell + Hazel stapler and tape dispenser that come in an acrylic and gold combo that's oh-so-pretty!

This is the "before" of my desk drawer. While it's not too terrible, I still had about a million pens and other back stock items right in view that cluttered it up.

The "after"--with the Poppin Acccessory Trays--is so much better, and makes me wonder why I didn't do this ages ago!

Separate + Contain

In many homes, it's common for several people to share a desk space, so having different zones for each family member is a great way to keep everyone organized. For example, the desk in my house has four distinct areas: a drawer full of office supplies, a file drawer, a drawer for mail and stationary, and the kids' craft supply drawer. We use Poppin Hanging File Boxes to store their coloring books, and as they get older they can be used for school projects!

Pictured above: White Poppin Hanging File Boxes

We also have a cabinet next to the desk where we have an electronics charging station, a magazine holder (for my 5 year old's workbooks), and stackable letter trays to sort construction paper.

Pictured above: White Poppin Stackable Letter Trays, Russell + Hazel Clear & Gold Acrylic Tape Dispenser, White Poppin Magazine Holders

As you can see, there are SO MANY different ways to organize an office space. When you're working on yours, be sure to focus on what will be the most efficient for your personal needs. Try to only keep what you really need, file your important documents away, and don't be afraid to let some of those free pens go!

Happy organizing!

Ashley + Lindsay

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