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A New York Fashion Blogger Gets A Laren Custom Closet

Coveteur Co-Founder, Stephanie Mark's, New Space

by Leanne

To see the complete transformation of this anything-but-typical space, be sure to watch the video.

A Pull-Out Mirror makes it easy for Stephanie to check her look before she leaves.

"We're in!" That's what we said when notable fashion tastemaker and influencer, Fiona Byrne, contacted us about doing a Laren custom closet for Stephanie Mark, Co-Founder of Coveteur, a fashion and lifestyle blog. Here was an opportunity to create a closet and dressing area for someone who lives for all things fashion. The fact that the space was an extraordinary, room-sized walk-in in New York City's East Village didn't hurt either.

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Fiona chose the Aspen finish with Smooth Glass and Brushed Nickel Drawer Pulls for a bright, clean look. Integrated LED Lighting spotlights Stephanie's wardrobe even further. To save space, Fiona used slim-profile Chrome Hangers. She also arranged Stephanie's clothing by color, making it easy to for her to see all her options at a glance.

One of her main goals was to showcase Stephanie's shoe collection. Multiple shoe shelves at varying heights accommodate everything from flats to heels without wasting any space. Fiona placed a few special pairs of shoes and Stephanie's favorite clutches behind glass doors to protect them from dust. A bank of drawers hold jewelry, underwear, t-shirts and workout clothes.

A special nook beneath the window is the perfect place to display a few favorite books. Shelves below hold purses and ankle boots.

Dresses are a big part of Stephanie's signature style, so Fiona made sure to give her plenty of long-hang space.

Stephanie's slacks and skirts were also given their own section. Her denim and sweaters are organized on shelves, giving the space the feeling of a boutique. Needless to say, Stephanie was thrilled with the results. Now she has a closet that truly reflects her love of fashion. For more on this space, visit