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Introducing Our New Line Of Hangers

Available only at The Container Store

by Leanne

Hangers. They come in a variety of types and styles from wooden to non-slip velvet. You can get them free at the dry cleaners, and they can seem like they multiply in your closet. But this seemingly simple item can make a huge difference in the way your closet looks and functions. Switching out mismatched plastic, wire, wooden and acrylic hangers for ones of the same color and style creates a soothing, uniform look. Even more importantly, the right hangers protect your investment in your wardrobe, by helping to maintain the shape and fit of your clothes. Non-slip hangers end the frustration of silky blouses and strappy dresses falling off. And, a slim-profile hanger can create an amazing amount of space in your closet. That's why as closet experts, we knew we had to develop our very own line of hangers available in Wood, Non-Slip Velvet and a Non-Slip Rubberized texture. Even better? We created budget-friendly multi-packs that make switching out the hangers in your closet easy. Check out these three fun videos to learn more.