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Kathleen Barnes' Fabulously Organized Kitchen

The "Carrie Bradshaw Lied" blogger shares her favorite pantry, drawer, and fridge organization products

by Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen Barnes is a blogger at Carrie Bradshaw Lied, and she previously worked with us on her Avera master closet.

I'm very much a "type-A" person, so nothing brings me more joy than a functional, organized house! Because of this, I knew that as soon as my husband and I had a house to call our own, I would be investing in ways to organize the cabinets and drawers. 

Today I'm sharing a peek into our pantry, kitchen drawers and refrigerator to show you how I organized them with The Container Store--and, most importantly, how you can do it, too. So if you're looking to get your kitchen in tip-top shape before the holiday season really starts, there's no better time than now!


We have three large pantry cabinets and I use two of them for food and the third for storage, so I ordered a mix of different pieces that I thought would best utilize the shelves. You could go rogue and do your own thing like we did, or you could keep it simple by ordering a kit like The Home Edit Kitchen Storage Solution or the Pantry Organization Starter Kit.

I customized our pantry by ordering the products below:


I ordered two of the Linus Large Drawer Organizer Starter Kits and they were perfect for the most heavily-used drawers in our kitchen--our utensil drawer and "junk" drawer.  It makes such a huge difference to have all of the contents in individual bins. (Now everything is always neatly displayed rather than stressing me out when I open them!)

We also love the Under Sink Organization Starter Kit. It's normally so easy for cleaning supplies to get lost under our sink, but having the Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer makes a huge difference in us knowing exactly where everything is.

Because I needed a place to dry hand-washed items near our big farmhouse sink, I ordered the OXO Silicone Drying Mat and the Folding Bamboo Dish Rack. It's been the perfect solution, and it folds up easily for storage when you are entertaining. I'm surprised how many people have asked me about them!


The Fridge Organization Starter Kit was the perfect solution to tidy up our refrigerator. It comes with plenty of containers for storage, sealed food containers, bottle holders--the works! These starter kits are an incredibly helpful place to get started!

You can customize these kits to increase or decrease the quantities of any of the items to make the kit your own. In my case, I knew there were a few things we wouldn't need, so I was able to easily remove them in the custom order section and then add items I needed more of (such as the Fridge Monkey). 

If you've ever done a deep dive into your pantry or kitchen, I'd love to hear how you organized it! And if you'd like to see how The Container Store helped with our master closet, check out these blog posts.

Thank you so much for reading!

(You can also check out more photos on Kathleen's blog here!)