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A Creative Office Makeover for Jenna Kate At Home

See how this fabulous blogger transformed her old work space into a place that inspires

by Jenna Shaughnessy

As a busy blogger and mom, having an organized office is a essential for me to write, work and be inspired. Unfortunately, my office had become just a desk and a dumping ground for clutter. There was no storage, there was no space. The whole situation was stressing me out and instead of tackling it, I had continued to close the door on the mess, and shift my work to the kitchen table.

Of course, working in the kitchen is not ideal, especially when the kids want to play with Play-Doh, or paint, or, I don't know, eat?!

I had reached the point of no return, and I absolutely had to make a change. That's where The Container Store came in. After talking with them about my office issues, it was time to finally overhaul and create a functionally beautiful space in which to work.

Check out the transformation and all that went into it, below!

I'm happy to say that after some serious purging, cleaning and organizing (more than a few Jumbo Storage Boxes got moved to the attic), I finally have an office that I'm excited to work in.

When dealing with a small space like this, you can only have so much furniture. I focused on adding some additional vertical storage with the Elfa Shelving System. This incredibly sturdy solution was really easy to install and precisely cut to fit my space. Getting my printer up off the floor and on a shelf may have been my favorite change to the space. It sounds so small, but it made a huge difference.

Since home decorating is my business, I own a lot of throw pillows, faux flowers and other seasonal decorative objects that are not always on display in my home. Now, the top shelf on my Elfa solution has become the perfect spot for all my extra throw pillows.

Before, my office closet was overrun with vases, picture frames and miscellaneous artwork, but now I can easily find whatever I'm looking for at a glance.

I originally picked up three of these Stacking Baskets, but quickly realized they were an amazing way to organize items inside my small closet, so I went back for another three. Now, they're home to all my fake flowers, velvet pumpkins and other seasonal items.

Adding the Elfa Door & Wall Rack to the back of the closet door was an invaluable way to corral smaller items that had inevitably ended up thrown in a basket on the floor or on my desk. Organizing small craft supplies like paint, glue guns and paint brushes can be tricky, but now that they have their own individually labelled spot, I don't even need to think about where to put them.

I'm not a natural organizer. In fact, I can be really messy. But when I have a designated spot for something, I will put it there time and time again. That's why Labeling Boxes and Bins are essential in my office organization.

If you have a magazine hoarding issue like I do, you'll love the Bigsbo Magazine Holders. My magazines and catalogs are finally organized and not just in a pile on the floor. I'm also using them to hide my printing supplies and cardstock. I like that you can face them out with the labels out, or turn them around to hide everything inside them. I chose them in white, but they come in a variety of colors to match your style.

I also needed somewhere to keep my business receipts, contracts and other important paperwork. It was important that I find a pretty solution that still went well with the new decor in the room. The Mini Binders and White Lacquered Storage Boxes solved all of those problems.

Of course, my desk is where I spend the majority of the time. Having a clean surface on which to put my computer has been so nice. I love the look of the Acrylic Desk Organizers because they keep the desk clean and uncluttered.

My desk drawer is organized for the first time ever thanks to these Shallow Drawer Organizers. The pretty Poppin Mechanical Pencils and Pens tie in with all the other gold touches in the room.

Finally, I put a Dry Erase Calendar next to my desk to help me keep deadlines and other important events front and center.

It feels so great to have an organized, clean and beautiful office thanks to The Container Store! Now, if I could just get the rest of my house this organized, I might actually get some work done!