Jenna Abbadessa, of Hello Baby Bums, noticed her son Charlie was spending less and less time playing in his room. In fact, he had begun playing with all of his toys in the family's living room instead of his own room. Predictably, Charlie left a total "path of destruction" when transporting the toys back and forth between the two.

Jenna had purchased baskets for the living room to store the all of the toys, but ultimately the mess continued to grow - and Charlie still wasn't interested. It was time to totally rethink toy storage in his room. The goal was to get her living room back while making Charlie's room a place where he could finally enjoy playing with his toys.

With a few strategic storage recommendations from us, Jenna found the right solutions for all of Charlie's hot wheels, legos, books and other toys - and the results are absolutely incredible. Check them out by clicking the link below!