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Glamorous Versatility's Bathroom Organization Essentials

Taryn Newton shares her must-haves

by Brad

Taryn Newton, blogger at Glamorous Versatility, recently came to a realization that's common among parents: her boys were growing up, and it was time to overhaul their bathroom closet and cabinets. "It was overdue," she admits. "I was still holding onto baby items Cyrus [my youngest son] hasn't used since he was an infant." Once she decided to take on the project, she knew exactly where to go: The Container Store. Upon perusing our product selection, she was intrigued by several of them, including our new collection from The Home Edit. And luckily for her and her family, these items turned out to be exactly what their spaces needed.

She began her project with the cabinets under the bathroom sink. A big fan of using lazy susans for pantry storage, Taryn wanted to use one here as well, and she turned (no pun intended) to The Home Edit Divided Lazy Susan. "I love this Divided Lazy Susan because it works for storing so many different products," she marvels. "You just have to give it a spin to put everything at your fingertips." Taryn filled hers with bottles of lotion, body wash, and cleaning products. She placed it next to a pair of stacked Deep Bins with Dividers, which she used for spare toilet paper rolls.

In the drawers next to the under sink area, Taryn decided to go with several Linus Storage Bins. "These are great for small drawers," she says. "They come in different sizes which allows you to mix and match to create a custom solution that fits your drawer."

Once the cabinet and drawers were done, Taryn started on the bathroom closet. First, she got rid of any items she no longer needed. To organize some of the remaining items (such as diapers and wipes), she chose a stylish option: the White Nordic Storage Baskets. "I love when baskets are decorative," Taryn says. "The bamboo lids give them that decorative flair, but also allow me to stack them."

She supplemented the baskets with more products from The Home Edit collection--specifically the 3-Tier Shelf, Shelf Divider, and 2-Tier Lazy Susan. The advantage of the 3-Tier Shelf was two-fold. First, it allowed Taryn to both maximize the vertical height of the shelf; second, its expandable design allowed her to adjust it to the specific width she needed. The Shelf Divider provided a tasteful separation between the two storage areas, while the 2-Tier Lazy Susan allowed her to group all of her children's hair care products together in one easily-accessible space.

At the bottom of the closet, Taryn placed a Braided Water Hyacinth Storage Cube with Handles for extra linens and blankets. "I love them," she raves, saying that she greatly prefers to organize larger items in a basket rather than have them in a messy heap on the floor.

Overall, the project was a huge success and Taryn couldn't be happier with the end result. She also suggests using these products in other areas of the home, including kitchens and pantries. "Don't be afraid to be creative with these items!" she says. "That's why organization is fun! You have the freedom to make each space your own."

For more information, be sure to check out Taryn's blog and Instagram account.