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Finding the Right Desktop Collection to Suit Your Décor

From classic to contemporary, these collections keep your home office looking great

by Brad

As more and more people are either working from home or taking part in virtual learning these days, home office organization has become even more essential than ever before. But while most people agree that an uncluttered desk or study area is best for creativity, there's at least one thing not everyone will agree on--office décor. So whether your office style reflects your love of family, shows off your quirky and creative free-spirit, or your love of 1940s film noir, here's a handy guide to our desktop organization collections that will most complement it.

Your décor style: Contemporary

As an avowed trend-watcher (and trend-maker), you're a dedicated follower of fashion and currently favor muted tones. Some fun picks include the Wit & Delight Collection (above), Linen Marten Collection, Mint Stockholm Collection, Steel Blue Stockholm Collection, Dark Grey Poppin Collection, Emerald Green Stockholm Collection, Slate Blue Poppin Collection, Light Grey Stockholm Collection, and Blush Poppin Collection.

Your décor style: Dark and Handsome

If you're the type of person whose home office has many leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany, you'll most likely want a desktop organization system with that same feeling, and that usually means sticking to neutral colors (brown, black, and grey) or darker shades of blue and red. Some examples include our Bristol Linen Charcoal Collection, Graphite Stockholm Collection, Black Woodgrain Collection, Grey Marten Collection (above), Bordeaux Red Stockholm Collection, and Navy Stockholm Collection.

Your décor style: Industrial Chic

If you're really into metal (specifically, galvanized metal), aged wood, beard balm, and drinking cocktails out of mason jars, we have several desktop collections suited to blend in beautifully with your existing décor. Our best industrial-chic-friendly sets include our Sutton Collection (above), Silver Mesh Collection, Graphite Stockholm Collection, and Black Woodgrain Collection.

Your decor style: Classic

For those whose style tends to be more timeless, reliable and simple, several of our desktop solutions with more neutral designs will feel right at home in your office space. These include our White Stockholm Collection, Bristol Linen Flax Collection, White Poppin Collection, Silver Mesh Collection (above), and Clear Collection.

Your décor style: Pretty in Pink

Some people love pink. Like really, really, REALLY love it. And if that describes you, we have three different collections (two blush shades and one bright pink shade) to help you fulfill all of your pink possibilities. Check out our Pink Poppin Collection, Blush Stockholm Collection, and Blush Poppin Collection (above).

Your decor style: Mid-Century Modern

For more of a modern or mid-century modern look, we have several sleek desktop collections (our Clear Collection and Mod Acrylic Collection) that combine beautiful acrylic and clean lines. And our Nordic Collection (above) incorporate those elements with beautiful ash wood for that classic Scandinavian look.

Your décor style: Hugs and Rainbows

We also have plenty of desktop collections for the ever-cheerful and optimistic! Add a bright pop of color or a fun design to your space with our Gold Dots Stockholm Collection and Synchronicity Stockholm Collection, as well as our Poppin collections in orange, aqua, or pink (above).

Your décor style: Pragmatic and Practical

Finally, if you're more of a form-follows-function type of person, you probably just want a simple, no-frills, not-too-flashy organization system that does just gets the job done. In that case, we've got you covered as well! Possible choices for your space include our Like-it Collection, Shimo Collection (above), and Clear Collection.

For more great ways to tidy up your home office space, check out our Projects & Inspiration page. You can also browse all of our office organization products here.