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Find a Virtual Organizing Service In Your Area

Support a local organizing business from a social distance

by Brooke

Whether we like it or not, now is definitely the time to stay home. And while it's the best thing for everyone's safety and well-being, it's hard on the nerves, not to mention local businesses. Catching up on books, movies and your favorite TV shows helps, as does making banana bread and ordering take-out. But there's nothing like the satisfaction of crossing a project off your to-do list! Even better? You don't even have to do it all yourself. Thanks to the power of virtual reality, you can get things done AND support a local organizing service.

Here's a list of some of our partners that offer Virtual Organizer Services to help you make over your space into a clean and organized oasis. Since they can work with you from anywhere--thank you, internet!--we've collected organizers from around the country to allow you to support a local business. 

Pinch of Help (Atlanta, GA)

Pinch of Help specializes in taking any space in your home that's cluttered and chaotic, and transforming it into a highly organized, visually appealing space by implementing systems the whole family can maintain.

Horderly (Baltimore, MD | Boston, MA | Bridgewater, NJ | Garden City, NY | Greenwich, CT | Livingston, NJ | Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Orange County, CA | Paramus, NJ | Philadelphia, PA | Plymouth, MA | Providence, RI | San Diego, CA | White Plains, NY)

Horderly specializes in decluttering, organizing and unpacking. They'll help you feel a new sense of clarity with your belongings along with maintaining a steady, functional home and lifestyle.

Neat Freak McKinney (Dallas, TX)

Neat Freak McKinney serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area with personalized home and office organization services to help you find peace in your sacred space.

Organized Nest (Fort Worth, TX)

Organized Nest strives to make every space beautiful, organized and functional. Each project is unique and they take pride in exceeding your expectations from start to finish.

Organized Life Design (Houston, TX)

Organized Life Design transforms your space using high-impact organization so that you stop fighting clutter and get back to "doing life."

Space Camp Professional Organizing (Los Angeles, CA)

Space Camp Professional Organizing offers manageable, creative, and customized organizing solutions so you can reclaim your time and spend it doing the things you enjoy in a space that you love.

Cindyology (Miami, FL)

Cindyology specializes in decluttering, organizing, and creating a more functional and positive living environment.

BeeNeat (Oklahoma City, OK)

BeeNeat coaches their clients to develop new systems to improve various aspects of their lives, gain control of their surroundings, reduce clutter, improve quality of life and much more! 

Bee Organized (San Francisco, CA)

Bee Organized guides clients through the often-emotional process of organization. We all have stuff, and most of us have too much stuff—so take the first step and call Bee Organized to see first-hand how liberating it feels to "Simplify Your Hive!"

Organized by Lisa (Seattle, WA)

Organized by Lisa helps you feel clear, calm and energized in your surroundings.