If you have a little Valentine in the house, chances are high that there's a classroom Valentine's party coming up. And with every Valentine exchange comes the need for a box to drop them in! We've come up with some super easy, personalized boxes that your kiddo will L-O-V-E.

Hugs & Kisses Box

Featured Products: White 2-Piece Gift Box // Black Typewriter Alphabet Stickers // Aqua Dots Washi Tape // Red Clover Washi Tape // Pink Dots Washi Paper Tape // Stainless Steel Scissors // Red Satin Ribbon // Red Grosgrain Ribbon // Circles Rhinestone Sticker


  1. Build the gift box out
  2. Cut small opening on top of box measuring 4" x 1.5"
  3. Use washi tape, jewels, and ribbon to decorate box
  4. Cut two holes on top of box and secure red ribbon to create a handle
  5. Attach sticker letter to front of box and label with name

Key To Your Heart Box

Featured Products: Large Kraft Gable Box // Red Wide Striped Cotton Ribbon // Red Tissue Paper Pom Pom Kits // White Pearl Raffia Ribbon // Metal Key Tie-Ons // Chevron Alphabet Stickers // Stainless Steel Scissors


  1. Take brown cardboard gable box and build out into 3D box
  2. Cut a small opening on front top panel of box measuring 4" x 1"
  3. Attach sticker letters to front of box, spelling out your name
  4. Use pink raffia string to attach small keys to side of handle
  5. Tie bow on left corner above keys
  6. Use tissue pom poms and create red puff to attach to corner as well

Modern Mailbox

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  1. Cut one 9.5" x 7.5" piece of wrapping paper and two pieces measuring 8" x 6.5"
  2. Using double stick tape, adhere wrapping paper to the sides and top of the shoe box
  3. Attach glitter stick letter to front of mailbox spelling out your name and use decorative stickers and jewels to decorate to your liking

Bedazzled Box

Featured Products: Letter-Size Archival Storage Box // Red Tulle Ribbon // Bright Rhinestone Stickers // Gold Embossed Medallion Seals // LAX Alphabet Stickers // Stainless Steel Scissors


  1. Use sticker letters to spell out name on front of mailbox
  2. Take tulle ribbon and wrap underneath box to the top, making a knot at the top
  3. Take the ribbon and tie into a simple bow using the knot as your base (we've used a simple knot but you can check out more detail oriented knots in our guide - here)
  4. Use decorative stickers, jewels, and medallions to decorate your box accordingly