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Blogger Feature: How to Organize Your Fridge For Good

A step-by-step guide from Brighton the Day

by Brighton Keller

I actually didn't realize this until I went to write this post, but I've never had an entire fridge just to myself. Whether living with my family or roommates, I've always been in a situation where fridge space was tight. And since most of us share our fridge with at least one person, we all know the struggle of keeping a fridge organized.

As I finished off bigger projects in my house (like my dining room and the floors), it was time to start really honing in on organization in each room. Not gonna lie, I wasn't super excited about organizing my fridge until we really got in there. Then, hours later I was legit bursting with excitement because it was so freaking fun. And the results just make me happy every single time I open those fridge doors - which is like 100 times a day.

Along with Neat Method and The Container Store, I wanted to pull together the tips that really made a difference in our fridge. So click the link below to see the transformation and get a jump on your spring cleaning with helpful tips, tricks and tidbits!