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A Basic Guide to the Well-Organized Fridge

Simple tips for attaining your #FridgeGoals

by Brad

*Cover photo courtesy of Marj Reyes (Blog, Instagram)

Of all the organization projects you could possibly undertake, organizing your fridge is not only one of the most rewarding, but also one of the easiest. It can typically be done in less than an hour, and the benefits are huge. These benefits include:

  • Actually finding the food you want to eat, instead of giving up in frustration and eating whatever happens to be in front of you (such as a jar of mayonnaise)
  • Not spilling gooey things—like a jar of mayonnaise--inside your fridge
  • Avoiding the deadly fumes of that pasta salad you forgot to throw out a month ago

The tips below on how to attain and keep your #fridgegoals are practical and easy-to-follow, and they're accompanied by beautiful photographic examples provided by some of our favorite professional organizers.

Compartmentalize your fridge (not just your feelings)

Photo by Style + Dwell (Blog, Instagram)

We recommend creating "zones" in your fridge to separate different types of food or meals. (You may also refer to them as "sections," "areas," "boroughs," "congressional districts," or whatever you want--after all, it's your fridge.) Once you figure this out, find the proper containers for each one. Ashley and Lindsey from Style + Dwell used our set of Refrigerator Bins for this particular fridge, and these bins will keep each zone contained and help prevent messiness.

Don't be afraid of labels

Photo by Laura Ellis (Blog, Instagram)

Labels are your friend. They'll not only help you identify any food not stored in clear containers, but they'll also help you put everything away after a trip to the grocery store. The picture above is from professional organizer Laura Ellis' fridge, and she has not only her meal prep areas (lunch, dinner, snacks) labeled, but also her individual fruits (raspberries, blueberries, etc.). She even has fun with it, designating her water pitcher as "Better Than Soda"!

Just say no to rotten fruits and vegetables

Photo by Carla Bethany (Blog, Instagram)

Not all fruits and vegetables are the same. Different ones require different types of storage, so make sure you have the proper food containers for what you want to store. For example, in the photo above from blogger Carla Bethany, she uses our OXO greensaver Produce Keepers to store berries and cherry tomatoes because they prevent spoilage three ways: an activated carbon filter to trap ethylene gas, an elevated removable basket that promote proper airflow and prevent moisture buildup and a top vent that maintains optimum humidity levels.. (For more tips on how to store some commonly-used fruits and veggies, check out this blog post.)

Stacks and stacks

Photo by Jessica DeSiato (Blog, Instagram)

One of the best ways to save precious fridge space is to take advantage of vertical space and stack items whenever you can. This can be accomplished through the use of items such as the iDesign Linus Wine Holders, Soda Can Organizer, and Water Bottle Holder, as Jessica DeSiato (Thoughtfully Organized) shows above.

For more guidelines and suggestions on how to maintain a well-organized fridge, check out our fridge organization project video. You can also browse all of our fridge organization products here.