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Baby Emerson's Organized Nursery

Our Digital Marketing Specialist Rachel Abel takes us inside her baby's tidy storage space

by Brad

When Rachel Abel, our Digital Marketing Specialist, discovered last year that she was expecting a baby girl, it was an overwhelming experience. "It truly was an incredible mix of emotions," she says. "Happiness, surprise, nervousness--you name it." As she and her husband Richard began making their plans to bring little baby Emerson into the world, the one thing she knew that she wouldn't have to worry about was organization. "I'm an employee of The Container Store, so naturally I love Elfa and knew that's what I wanted in the nursery closet," she explains.

Because their spare bedroom had become a catch-all for a random assortment of items, their first task was removing those from the space. Once this was completed, Rachel discovered that the bedroom's double-door closet had a bit of an odd shape, and after consulting a Custom Closets designer she opted to have the Elfa system installed below the existing shelf and closet rod. "The designers were great and so patient," she says. "The closet design went through a few changes, but I'm thrilled with how it turned out!"

The closet's Elfa system is a mixture of White Ventilated Shelves and Mesh Drawers, perfect for storing items such as bedding and folded clothing. The shelves hold Water Hyacinth Bins and Large Wooden Stacking Bins, which are used to organize items such as diapers, toys, and books.

On the closet door they added an Elfa Door & Wall Rack. The Utility Board has Hooks (for necklaces) and Board Boxes (for pacifiers). The Gift Wrap Rack is cleverly used to hang bows, and the Mesh Baskets corral a huge assortment of baby wipes, bibs, and other items. "Richard and I are very type-A, so everything has to have its own place," Rachel says with a laugh.

For the baby's dresser, Rachel added drawer organizers that would keep those tiny clothes extra tidy. For one drawer, she used Linen Drawer Organizers to create separate compartments for burp clothes, socks, and swaddle blankets. In another, the Expandable Drawer Dividers to separate her clothes by size (newborn short sleeve, newborn long sleeve, 0-3 month short sleeve, 0-3 month long sleeve, etc.), and Rachel added labels for quick and easy identification.

With baby Emerson due in just a few short weeks, Rachel and Richard--as well as their pair of pups--can't wait to meet her. "She'll be here before we know it, and we're so glad The Container Store could help us be prepared!" Rachel says.

Jefferson (left) and Lincoln enjoy some of their last quiet moments in Emerson's room before the big day.

We congratulate Rachel and Richard on their little bundle of joy, and we look forward to her first visit to the office!