Container Stories

Maximizing Your Dorm Room

Making the most of a tiny space

by Brad

Hey college kids--to get you in the back-to-school spirit, here's a word problem:

Billy and Betty are both moving into dorm rooms for the first time. Billy is bringing his fall wardrobe, toiletries, art supplies, video games, and snacks. Betty is bringing her fall wardrobe, toiletries, books, sports equipment and, of course, snacks. How will each of them store and organize all of these items in less than 130 square feet without constantly tripping over everything and driving their roommates crazy? (Show your work. )

The answer is surprisingly simple: The Container Store's College Starter Kits! Each kit includes a variety of products for maximizing every inch of your dorm. Let's take a look at a few of them:

Drop Zone Solution


You know that area near the doorway where you just walk in exhausted after a long day and drop everything? That's the "Drop Zone." (Simple enough, right?) Our College Drop Zone Solution includes 3M Command Hooks (great for hats, jackets, and purses), a Soho White Mesh 3-Tier Shelf, and two Poppin Storage Cubes. The Poppin Box Seat doubles as both a comfy seat and a sly way to hide your snack stash from mooching roommates who need to buy their own tortilla chips for a change, and the collection of bulletin boards and dry erase boards are ideal for reminders and mementos. (After all, dorm walls can be used for much more than just Bob Marley and Big Lebowski posters...)

Rolling Cart Storage Solutions


You roommates will undoubtedly like you much more if you shower once in a while, so the Bath 3-Tier Rolling Cart Storage Solution is a wonderful way to store your toiletries, shower caddies, and towels. (We even thoughtfully included a Countertop Mirror in case you forget what you look like. You're welcome!) And if you're endowed with culinary talents--or at least want to eat more than ramen noodles for the next four years--the Kitchen 3-Tier Rolling Cart Storage Solution is another great way to get people to like you. (If "making someone else a fresh cup of coffee" is not a chapter in Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, IT SHOULD BE.)

Under Bed Storage Solutions


One often-neglected but oh-so-important area of a college dorm room is the space under the bed. It's the perfect space for extra blankets, clothing, phone chargers, shoes, paperback books, and your backup stash of tortilla chips. To help maximize this space, we have two Under Bed Drawer Solutions: one in white (for you sunny, optimistic types) and grey (for you dark, mysterious people). Both include matching bed risers so you can increase your vertical storage space or just make yourself feel taller.

Closet Solutions


Most dorm room closets are roughly the size of a portable chihuahua kennel, so you'll need to get creative to make the most of them. (We're kidding, of course. For you non-English majors, that's called hyperbole.) That's why we recommend our Closet Starter Kits. The College Closet Solution includes items such as a 3-Drawer Chest with Wheels and an Umbra Dublet Closet Rod Expander. (Check it out. It's GENIUS.) The Premium College Closet Solution is the "Platinum Executive Reward Card" version--it includes a Hanging Shoe Bag, Sweater Bag, and an Over-the-Door Mirror.

Check out more of our College Starter Kits here. Or, for an even more customized solution, check out our College Checklist.

And don't forget to sign up for a 20% off coupon! You can save your parents money, and they will love you even more than they do now!