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Guest Blogger: Tanika's Small Apartment Must-Haves

Practical solutions for small apartments

by Tanika Rottura

Small apartments don't offer much in the way of "open space" and they often come with unique organizational challenges that necessitate unique storage solutions.

Born and raised New Yorker, blogger Tanika Rottura, is no stranger to small apartments. Her current place comes in at a little over 800 square feet, so it's no surprise that her small New York apartment had a few trouble spots in need of some smart storage solutions.

We were thrilled to partner with her so she could finally tackle some of her most cluttered storage spaces: her pantry, desk drawers and jewelry drawers.

Tanika combined the one-of-a-kind decorative flair that her fans love with our fabulous organization projects to make her space more efficient. In fact she's found that her day-to-day life is much more streamlined than ever before, simply because she doesn't have to search anymore.

Check out the full story here to see what she used to make her small space more efficient.