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A New Colorway For Our Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

Same Box. NEW Color.

by Lauren

For many years, our Translucent Drop-Front Shoe Boxes have been a favorite among the sneakerhead community as a way to store their sneaker collections. The clear front makes it easy see the pair stored inside each box, and the drop-front opening puts an end to unstacking boxes to get the desired pair. It's a really easy way to keep sneaker collections readily accessible. Plus, the symmetry of the boxes adds a uniform look to every collection.

Prior to the discovery of our Drop-Front Shoe Boxes, many collectors played what they coined "Sneaker Jenga" trying to get the pair of shoes they wanted out of the original box. What's "Sneaker Jenga" you ask? Well, it's basically like the childhood game many of us grew up playing, but with shoes boxes instead! Imagine a typical shoe box that opens from the top. Now, imagine a collection of 50+ pairs of sneakers in those shoe boxes stacked on top of one another. Finally, imagine wanting to wear a pair of shoes at the bottom of one of those stacks. There are two ways to get to that pair: Unstack ALL of the boxes OR try to pull the box out and hope that the entire collection doesn't come crashing down on you.

During the past couple of years, sneaker collectors have asked us for a black box. Of course, this was something we wanted to offer right away, but as with almost everything - these things take time. After many months of planning and designing, we are happy to announce the arrival of our NEW Black Drop-Front Shoe Boxes!

The best part? Both the Men's and Women's boxes are the exact same price as our translucent box. In fact, the main difference between this box and the translucent box is the black color which helps resist the damage UV light can cause. It still features a clear door, and is manufactured with an anti-static material, to protect shoe collections from dust. Ventilation holes allow for air to circulate in and out of the boxes so odors won't get trapped inside. Plus, you can stack the black and translucent boxes on top of one another to create patterns or create even MORE organization inside your collection.

But enough reading about them! It's time to see these boxes in action.