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Neat Freak McKinney's Play Room Project

Cute toy bins galore!

by Lisa Trigsted

I am blessed to have four of my granddaughters living close by, and they love playing with dolls and pretending to be mommies. (Makes my heart happy!) I've also wanted to update their playroom for over a year now, but between teaching and my organizing business I've had no time to do it.

But now that I've finished my last year of teaching and have begun to work on my organizing passion-turned-business full-time, I was finally able (with The Container Store's help) to tackle one section of their playroom. And when 3 Sprouts came out with these Sheep Bins, I jumped at the chance to use them for all the doll accessories!

They have several animal designs to pick from (including hedgehogs, peacocks, rhinos, gorillas, and dragons) and they are all so cute!

And speaking of cute, how adorable is this Happy Hippo Toy Box ? It's the perfect playroom option for holding all the dolls dress-up clothes, and it's also available in other designs (elephants, crocodiles, and whales).

And last but not least is my favorite--the 3 Sprouts Canvas Deer Bin! They feature integrated handles, reinforced stitching along the bottom, and can be spot cleaned easily. I put one in the room where my grandkids sleep to use as a clothes hamper. Plus, the inside is coated, so we can even use it for wet pool towels, too!

As a teacher and organizer, I can tell you from experience that kids play better and longer when they have an organized and clean environment in which to play! I can also tell you that my grandkids were soooo excited when they saw the updated playroom! And Neat Freak Nana is happy that everything now has a home!

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