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Craft & Toy Organization with Neat Freak McKinney

The Home Edit's products work wonders again

by Brad

As a longtime fan of both The Container Store and The Home Edit, professional organizer Lisa Trigsted of Neat Freak McKinney jumped at the chance to try out some of our new, exclusive products from The Home Edit in her grandchildren's craft/play room. (She had previously partnered with us on great seasonal clothing storage and spring cleaning tips.) With the combination of Lisa's expert know-how and our products, the play room was transformed into a beautifully organized space ready for hours of creative fun.

First, Lisa started with her grandson's LEGO® collection. In order to insure he could find the pieces he needed, she opted for The Home Edit's Large Drawers. These stackable drawers with removable dividers allow the LEGO® bricks to be separated by color. "My grandson loves color-coding as much as I do!" Lisa says. "Now he can easily find the pieces he needs to make his creations!" As an added bonus, the top of the drawers are the perfect size for a 10" x 10" LEGO® baseplate, which allows the space to double as a display and workstation.

For additional LEGO pieces (such as vehicles, minifigures, and backstock), Lisa used the large stackable Pantry Canisters. And to complete the solution, she implemented The Home Edit's Kids' Labels. "The labels help my grandson find what he needs, and also remind him where the pieces go when he is finished," she says. The result is an attractive and highly-customizable storage solution with a very small footprint, great for leaving more space to play!

Next, Lisa tackled the art supplies. "My granddaughters love creating art, so I couldn't think of a better way to store art supplies than with the divided turntables," she says. The Home Edit Divided Lazy Susans not only feature removable dividers for separating different types of art supplies (crayons, markers, glue, glitter, scissors, etc.), but also include a handy removable bin for portable storage. And like the LEGO storage area, she also labeled each section of the lazy susan using the kids' labels so her granddaughters know exactly where each item should go when it's time to clean up.

As a finishing touch, Lisa added the 9" Lazy Susan. With a slightly smaller diameter, lower height, and no dividers, this turntable was the ideal option for bulkier items such as Play-Doh cans and tools. The final crafting area efficiently uses every inch of available space, leaving plenty of room for growth in the future.

"I get giddy just thinking of ways to use these new products all over my home!" Lisa says happily. And her grandchildren heartily agree--they give these fun new products "two thumbs up!"

Get the full story here, or head to Lisa's Instagram for even more organization inspiration.