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3M Command Hooks: A Simple Yet Strong Storage Solution

An easy storage and decorating solution for practically every area of the home

by Brad

In both form and function, it doesn't get much simpler than the hook. Practically everyone--including fisherman, songwriters, ninjas, and fictional clock-hating pirates--uses hooks in one way or another, and we at The Container Store are certainly no different. Of all the products we offer to our customers, among the most useful is our wide variety of 3M Command Hooks. Utilizing strong, fast-drying adhesives and durable construction, these hooks are the ideal storage solution for all kinds of items. From coats and caps to towels and toiletries, 3M has solutions for virtually every area of your home. They're also very easy to install, as this video demonstrates:

Here are a few of our favorite 3M Command Hooks and how to use them...

3M Command Outdoor Light Clips


As you begin to decorate for the holidays, 3M Command Outdoor Light Clips may very well become your new best friend. Specifically designed for securing strings of lights, they apply easily to outdoor surfaces and are just as easy to remove once the holidays are over. They're also available in a slightly smaller version for indoor use.

And for a little holiday decoration inspiration, here's Tim Gunn!

3M Command Brushed Nickel Hooks


For a beautiful, modern look suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, or entryways, the Brushed Nickel Command Hooks are a great choice. When installed properly, the small hook holds up to one pound, the medium hook holds up to three pounds., and a large hook, up to five. Whether it's a curtain rod or a coat, these are the perfect solution. (Also available in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.)

3M Command Water-Resistant Hooks


If you're looking for a bath towel hook but would prefer not to drill into your tile, wood, or wallpaper, 3M's Command Water-Resistant Hooks are the answer. They're designed to withstand wet or humid environments, making them perfect for use in a bathroom. Plus, just like other Command Hooks, the adhesive comes cleanly off with the pull of a tab without damaging the wall, so you can re-position them as often as you need!

3M Clear Command Hooks


For a more clean and unobtrusive aesthetic, 3M's Clear Command Hooks are a great alternative. They still offer the strength of the other hooks and are just as easily removable, but--much like a chameleon or an undercover F.B.I. agent--blend in well so as to not draw attention to themselves.

3M Command Clear Caddies


For those in need of more than just a hook, 3M also offers clear plastic caddies. These convenient catchalls can be put to use in all-kinds of spaces, including bathrooms, offices, and pantries, and each holds up to 2-3 lbs. (And yes, they also have ones specially-designed for showers and cellphones!)

3M Command Adhesive Picture Hanging Strips


Don't see any hooks in the picture above? That's because there ARE NONE! (We apologize for the deliberate ruse.) With the 3M Command Adhesive Picture Hanging Strips, you don't need hooks--instead, these strips install flat against the backs of picture frames, artwork, and other small items to hang them in a neat, orderly way. The pictures won't swing back-and-forth like they would on regular hooks or nails, but they'll still be easy to remove when needed. The video below shows how they work:

To browse more of our 3M Command products, check them out on our website here. And if you have any questions, we're here to assist you in the store, via live chat, or over the phone at 1-800-733-3532. Our Customer Solutions Department is available to take your call or chat Monday through Saturday, 8 AM - 8 PM and on Sundays from 9 AM - 7 PM CST.