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Creative Packaging Ideas for Gift Cards

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It’s all in the presentation. From out-of-the-box ideas like placing the card in a unique container to creating a themed experience, there are lots of ways to up the “wow” factor.

Unique Containers

Virtually anything can be turned into a fun container. Think Chinese take-out boxes in vibrant colors, fun lunch bags, coffee mugs filled with coffee beans or even decorated acrylic boxes. Or simply choose from the wide variety of specially designed cardholders. The point is to go beyond a simple envelope.

Go With a Theme

Employing a theme is a great way to unleash your creativity. Got a restaurant gift card? Attach it to a beautiful decorative plate. Present a movie lover with a gift card to the cinema nestled in a popcorn bag filled with popcorn. You can even create an experience around the card by attaching an event planner with a day already scheduled for the two of you to go shopping or visit the spa.

The More the Merrier

Another fun idea is to combine several lower-priced gift cards for things like pizza, coffee, movies and shopping and package them in a cute wallet or purse. This is especially popular with teens, and a great way to stretch out the fun.