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It’s true. Many schools don’t allow you to use nails or screws to hang things on dorm walls. But this rule doesn’t have to prevent you from decorating your dorm or making the most of your space.

Don’t let the door go to waste

Overdoor hooks let you make the most of this often-wasted space. You’ll find everything from shoe organizers and towel bars, to coat racks and storage baskets especially designed for your doors. And when you’re living in a dorm room, every square inch counts!

No nails needed!

Removable hooks rock! There are many adhesive-based hooks that can be used to hang virtually anything without damaging walls. Put one by the door to keep track of keys. Use larger hooks for jackets or hats. Adhesive spring clips are great for organizing notes or to-do lists. Suction-based hooks are also a natural in the shower for organizing shower supplies.