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Turn a Closet Into An Office

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No room for a home office? You may be surprised to learn you can transform a small, reach-in hall closet or a spare bedroom closet into a functional workspace! Here’s how!

Step One

Remove the contents of the closet and evaluate what you have. Donate or discard items not used within the last two years. If possible, reassign everything else to another area of the home. If you are transforming an out-of-season closet, consider a freestanding garment rack to house your hanging clothes in the room, instead of in the closet.

Step Two

Take out the existing closet rod and shelf and apply a fresh coat of paint. Decide how you want your new office space to function and jot down ideas and measurements. Consider what you will need to have handy in the space: a printer, fax machine, filing cabinet, etc. It may be necessary to consult an electrician to have the space wired for an overhead light and/or electrical outlets.

Step Three

It’s a smart idea to install wall-mounted shelving that can take full advantage of the height of your wall for maximum storage. Our best-selling elfa Solid Shelving provides a comfortable work surface and storage above for supplies. Shelves are available in a wide variety of sizes to create a custom fit for your space. You can also choose from several finishes for an attractive work space.

Step Four

A comfortable desk chair on wheels is easy to roll in and out of the closet and provides needed support for hours spent at the desk. Accessorize your new space with attractive storage boxes to keep extra supplies organized. If this will be a space shared between family members, be sure to give everyone his or her own space for reference materials and project storage.

When not in use, you can hide your space-savvy office by simply closing the closet door.

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