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Overwhelmingly customers tell us that organizing their jewelry collection is a top priority. Here are a few tips for keeping everything from chandelier earrings to bangles neat and organized.

Keep items in sight

Beat the morning rush by keeping jewelry organized in such a way that it’s easy to see your everyday pieces, such as countertop accessories, organizers that hang from closet rods or racks mounted to the wall. Special occasion pieces can be stored elsewhere, out of sight so they remain protected from dust.


It’s best to store necklaces individually so that they don’t get tangled (this will also help you spot the one you’re looking for more easily.) Depending on your space, consider hanging them from a freestanding holder or from a small peg rack mounted to the wall.


Because they don’t tangle as easily as necklaces, you can choose to hang bracelets from countertop organizers or compartmentalize them in drawers or trays.


Oversized, chunky bangles can pose a storage challenge because they don’t fit in standard sized jewelry boxes or trays. Consider using a paper towel holder that you can use to store them in a stack!


You definitely want to keep earrings stored in their own compartments, either in a drawer or an organizer that hangs from a hook or closet rod. Dangly earrings are best stored in a way that allows them to hang freely. Keep a stash of extra earring backs close by for emergencies.

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