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For many, going off to college means doing things you don’t normally do, like washing your own clothes, making your own meals and managing your own finances. But, a little planning and practice will ensure living on your own lives up to expectations.

Laundry 101

Whites, colors, delicates — oh my! Using two narrow laundry hampers makes it easy to sort clothes into lights and darks from the very beginning. Look for ones with drawstring liners or carry straps to make it easy to get clothes from your room to the laundry mat. Several rolls of quarters are essential, along with a book or homework to keep you entertained while you wait! You may want to consider getting a drying rack as it can save you time and money.

Put Your Dorm Fridge To Good Use

Don’t let the freedom of eating what you want when you want it go to your head. Make sure to stock your fridge with some healthy snacks like yogurt, string cheese and apples. They’ll not only keep you going during study sessions, they’ll help you limit those 2 am calls for takeout.

Manage Your Money

Creating a budget before you even get to school is a great way to keep your finances in tip-top shape. If you’re going away to college, you may want to consider opening a local checking account. Then write down you income, fixed expenses and don’t forget to plan for fun! There are many budget apps that can help you track everything right on your phone or iPad.