Slat Bamboo Dish Rack by Umbra®

Attractive and functional, our Slat Bamboo Dish Rack by Umbra® is a perfect addition to any kitchen décor. The slanted tray ensures that water drains directly into your sink. It can accommodate up to 16 plates. A built-in utensil caddy holds flatware. Shop all Umbra®. See more product details below.

  • Bamboo is easily renewable, so it's an environmentally friendly material
  • Base is made from food-grade polypropylene

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Umbra® Slat Dish Rack Bamboo

19" x 12" x 1-3/4" h


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Slat Bamboo Dish Rack by Umbra® 3.7 5 13 13
Love the design, hard to keep clean I have had this dish rack for a few years and I love it. However it is hard to keep it looking nice. I wish the design were available in a material that was easier to keep clean, like black plastic instead of bamboo. The rack is beautiful (for awhile) and it is easy to vertically stack odd pots and pans, because you can lean the first one against the utensil holder, which stays put because there are tabs that lock it to the base, and the bamboo slats are deep and thick enough to grab the edges of the pots. (I put my plates and bowls in the dishwasher.) The flat rack is good for laying misc pieces like french press and chopper parts, fragile mugs and glassware (because there are no sides to bump into). The utensil holder is strong and I can put tall heavy pieces and large items in it like a plastic microwave egg poacher and a large strainer handle. It is a really usable dish rack for odd pieces. I tried to find a different product to replace this the other day and came up with nothing. This design is almost perfect. So instead of replacing it, I sanded the graying and peeling bamboo with an electric palm sander, washed it, put it in the dishwasher top rack, then after it dried, I applied butcher block oil to it. Now it looks much nicer. I think most of the coating came off. It was peeling off anyway after so much use. I am going to treat this like a bamboo cutting board until I remodel my kitchen, then I'll probably buy a new one and wash it every day. The other disadvantage is that the white part has buildup from the hard water. A daily washing of the base would hopefully solve that. I'm not fond of the slope and draining feature since it does not work with my sink which has a lip. However I just put a sponge at the opening to absorb the water. It works OK and I have not thought of a better solution yet. I don't think I've experienced mold or mildew - just discoloring (gray spots) on the bamboo and hard water buildup on the white plastic parts. I live in a dry climate and the dish rack is near a window, so it stays pretty dry. I don't know what bamboo would do in a more humid climate. I would love to have this design in a black plastic (or black hard plastic with white utensil holder and base), instead of the bamboo. July 2, 2014
The Best This dish drying rack is not only beautiful but perfect for anyone who washes any dishes by hand. It looks really nice on the counter without the top dish part. Perfect for glasses, bowls or things that lie flat.. Well worth going just for this item! June 19, 2014
want a refund For a dish rack and drain being next to water it is not at all useful already has mold growing from inside due to the opening in the bamboo inside the slits. I scrubbed and scrubbed but the mold is so set it does not come out. I put in the dishwasher and it is still there. The drainboard is not slanted enough and the water ponds. It is pretty but not at all functional. May 24, 2014
Not good value for money Unless you have the plates that are shown in the advertising your plates will not stack and they fall over. Plates with rims that are even slightly curved do not fit in the slats. If the slates were wider they probably would. May 12, 2014

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Bamboo is a group of woody perennial evergreen plants of the grass family. Some of its members are giant bamboo, forming by far the largest members of the grass family. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world: up to three to four feet a day. This accelerated growth rate allows bamboo to be harvested in three to five years, far more often than the 10 to 20 year harvest cycle of most softwoods. Unlike the environmental damage caused by the deforestation of trees, proper harvesting of bamboo leaves the root system intact, creating little or no topsoil disruption. This renewable, sustainable resource produces 35% more oxygen than its equivalent in trees while reducing carbon dioxide gas that is blamed for global warming. With the tensile strength of steel, it's the strongest growing woody plant in the world.

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