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Travel Space Bags®

The Travel Space Bag® packing system is the ultimate companion to the Pack-It® System from Eagle Creek®. They complement each other perfectly! Where the Pack-It® system excels at packing standard garments and keeps them neat and wrinkle-free, Travel Space Bags® are the solution for compactly packing and transporting bulky garments like sweaters and knits, and fiber-filled coats, as well as accouterments such as towels and pillows. It also makes perfect sense to take Travel Space Bags® along completely empty to transport wet or dirty clothes, linens or towels without making a mess of your other clothes, accessories and luggage. The secret is a one way valve in the end of each bag. Directions on proper folding of the garment are printed on the bag itself so they can't be lost or forgotten. See more product details below.


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Medium Travel Space Bag® Clear Pkg/2

14" x 20" h


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$6.99 ea

Large Travel Space Bag® Clear Pkg/2

18" x 23" h


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$7.99 ea

Travel Space Bags® 4.5 5 68 68
Great for Carry On Travel I hate checking luggage, but was recently challenged with a 7-day business trip to New York City. I was determined to get everything I needed into one max carry on size bag. I used 4 Medium Travel Space Bags (2 Pkgs. of 2) and 1 Large Travel Space Bag. 7 long-sleeve dress shirts were folded with the FlipFOLD® Laundry Folder (also from the Container Store) and divided into 2 Medium Size Bags. 6 t-shirts were folded with the same FlipFOLD and placed in 1 Medium Size Bag and 6 underwear and 6 pair of socks were placed in the last Medium Size Bag. Two pair of dress slacks were placed in 1 Large Travel Space Bag. When compressed, I actually had extra room in my 22" x 14" x 9" Wheeled Duffel. The amazing thing was that I didn't have to iron anything when I arrived. I actually left everything in the bags when I arrived and took them out as I needed them daily and the guys I was traveling with commented almost everyday in amazement that I wasn't needing to iron. As another reviewer noted, these are actually made by Ziploc, but I found the prices to be cheaper than others I found elsewhere online. January 30, 2014
Don't Leave Home Without Them! I purchased several space saver bags a few years ago on a whim and I honestly don't know how I lived without them. They keep your clothes neat and organized and keep those TSA employees from touching your things. Having a suitcase sit on the tarmac on a rainy day, my bags were damp but my clothes were dry! They also allow me to separate clean and dirty clothes for the return trip. I was so excited that I bought several more and even bought some for my sister. Don't leave home without them! May 1, 2013
Worked great for me I bought the small size so I could fit more into my carry on bag (backpack). I was traveling for 4 weeks and 8 locations so I repacked them 8 times and never got a hole or tear. I only put clothing items in them and I think I compacted clothing to about 25% volume. I did need to pinch the zipper seal with my fingers, not the attached plastic 'squeezer'. I noticed it was harder to squeeze air out if the clothing item close to the bottom 'exhaust' holes is a tight weave fabric so put the looser weave fabric in first. I think the larger size would put my checked luggage over the weight limit for airlines so I did not bother with those - my checked suitcase already holds the weight limit without compacting but would consider the large size if I wasn't flying. July 20, 2012
Great for Carry-On Traveling I travel frequently on short business trips and once in a while for longer vacations. I use about 4-6 medium Space Bags at a time in my 21" carry-on rolling suitcase. They help me save space and keep TSA hands off my stuff when my suitcase is inspected, I prefer the medium size because they fit perfectly in my suitcase and when filled are not too heavy. One bag can fit about 10-15 lightweight tees and shirts or 10 shorts or 3 jeans, or 2-3 women's suits. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the design is a little inconvenient in that the sliding plastic zipper easily slides right off the bag. And once the plastic tore. But I still use these all the time. February 28, 2010

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Once the contents are secured in the bag you begin rolling from the far end, forcing the air in the bag out through a one way valve. Access to the interior of the bag is simplified by the zip-seal closure, which insure the bag is sealed properly every time.

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