Small Micro Mesh Pouch

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Small Micro Mesh Pouch

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Perfect purse organization!
5 out of 5

Love these! I always carry big purses and struggled to find what I needed. Now that is no longer an issue, as I've relegated all of those tiny necessities to their own micro mesh pouch, which I can snatch from the dark depths of my handbag in a flash. Awesome!

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Perfect in a larger bag This pouch could be used for anything. I've put some odds and ends in it and slipped it into my knitting bag so things don't get lost on the bottom. I can see into it enough to know if the thing I am looking for is there. July 5, 2014
Small Micro Mesh Pouch I have used these for several years and highly recommend them for travel. I use them to separate different currencies when I travel. It's very helpful to be able to make small purchases on the street by reaching into to my bag and pulling out exactly what I need. June 12, 2014
Small Micro Mesh Pouch This pouch is so nice to either carry my receipts or to carried my makeup items like lip balm, lipstick, love the design and the size, it is perfect for my needs. April 27, 2014
I love this product. I love this pouch. I use it to store small pieces of papers(coupons, receipts) in my purse. I think I might have to buy a couple more. April 25, 2014
Great for travel These pouches are amazing. I use them to manage my various charger, USB chords and flashdrives. Just throw them in your computer bag and they are always easy to retrieve. March 5, 2014
Great bags for your purse. They organize and make it easy to find everything! December 12, 2013
Great for pencil case U use this little bag to hold pens and pencils in my purse. There was a "pen/pencil case" in this same style, but it was a little too big. This is the perfect size for my purse. June 1, 2013
Use as a Wallet I got one of these to use as a wallet--I carry smaller purses and was tired of using a fold-up wallet that added bulk to my purse. This pouch holds all my credit cards, plus is long enough to comfortably handle my dollar bills being unfolded. Really takes up so much less room than a wallet! About the only negative is that it's see through, so if you pull it out people can see all your cards and money in it, but I don't think this is that big a deal since you can see some of this when people take out their wallets to pay for something anyway. I'm thinking of gettting a couple more for holding other stuff that I transfer from purse to purse. April 23, 2013
small micro mesh bag These bags are great! I use them in my purse. When I want to change purses, all I have to do is transfer the bags and I'm out the door. I have my girlfriends hooked on them too. March 15, 2013
Great pouch This is a great pouch to keep in your briefcase or suitcase. It is strudy but easy to see what is inside. The zipper is decent. It is just the right size. January 18, 2013
Good buy I bought these after seeing them recomended in a magazine. I got 1 silver and 2 orange for in my purse. My purse has two large separately zippered sections lined in black. Everything ended up in the dark bottom. I use these for 'little stuff'. Work very well and are visible. Got 1 in silver to use for my medicines. I can pull out the right 1 in a second. The other 2 I use for small things such as pen, small address/phone book, chap stick etc. Glad I saw that magazine! April 20, 2012
Great for organizing This is great for my purse to organize my receipts. March 27, 2012
Good size This pouch is perfect for receipts or coupons and can fit in a purse. Also lightweight. May 5, 2011
I give these away to friends sometimes. They're great for small knitting notions or purse cosmetics. But, best of all as a wonderful substitute for the conventional wallet. I can get my cash, coins, cards, coupons and check book in one tidy and lightweight little container. A friend told me about them years ago and I've been using them ever since. October 14, 2010
Versatile Pouch I have numerous pouches in all the colors and have been using the black and blue pouches for years. I first used them for travel. They are a great makeup bag for purse or briefcase. Currently I use them for small supplies I carry to card making classes, jewelry making classes, and also sewing classes. The different colors indicate the various uses. For sewing projects I fill a pouch with the zipper, thread, trim, binding, buttons, etc that I will use for a piece(s) of fabric. That way I have a ⿿kit⿝ available to me anytime I want to work a project. The uses are limitless and the pouches are very durable. I have one I have been carrying in my purse for over 5 years and it shows very little wear. May 24, 2010
Perfect purse organization! Love these! I always carry big purses and struggled to find what I needed. Now that is no longer an issue, as I've relegated all of those tiny necessities to their own micro mesh pouch, which I can snatch from the dark depths of my handbag in a flash. Awesome! May 18, 2010
Great organizers in purses/bags I have different colors so I know exactly how to find what I am looking for in my purse. I keep all my purchase receipts in one and all my coupons in another. I use in the other ways already cited as well. May 17, 2010
Mesh Bag Black Nice product that exaclty suited my needs for a case that was thin, held my pens and glasses with a minimum of bulk. May 6, 2010
Great ''Compartments'' for glove box or purse I use these as ''compartments'' for things like I-pod/earbuds; make-up, contacts/eye-drops/lens case, or fold-up shopping/net bags to keep in my car to take to the grocery store. They are small enough to fit into a bag or the glove box, the see-through mesh makes the contents instantly recognizable, while the different colors help me identify what I'm looking for. April 2, 2010
Very good That's what I was looking for... The perfect size. March 7, 2010
Great for backpacks I got one for each kid for their backpack in an attempt to not loose as many pens and pencils. Seems to have done the trick! March 6, 2010
Many functions I'm sure these would work well for their stated purpose, but I actually use them in different colors for purse organizers. I keep pens and small office supplies in one, receipts in a second, and kleenex, hand wipes, and Advil in a third. They're just the right size and easy to distinguish at a glance. March 3, 2010
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