Curling & Flat Iron Cover by baggallini®

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Curling & Flat Iron Cover by baggallini®

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This curling iron cover is wonderful. I use a professional grade curling iron (extra hot). I'm able to place the hot curling iron directly into the cover and put it in my closet or into my suitcase without fear of it damaging anything. It also has a storage pocket on the outside for the cord. It's so convenient that I use it...

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Curling & Flat Iron Cover by baggallini® 4.7 5 31 31
So Convenient This was a great purchase. I use it when I travel, but I also use it every day after using my flat iron. I used to have to leave my iron balanced on the bathroom counter or the floor to cool before I could put it away. Now I enjoy being able to put it away immediately after use and don't have to worry about starting a fire, burning something, or having it broken by mistake. April 25, 2014
So convenient! This was my favorite Christmas present a few years ago!! I do a lot of traveling, and often I curl my hair near the end of when I need to pack up and leave the room. BEFORE receiving this as a gift, I literally had to carry out my curling iron hot and find a place in the car for it to cool down before packing it. NOW I simply put the hot iron in the cover, and don't worry another minute about it. There's no need to wait on it cooling down. Just being an organized freak, I also love that it has a pocket on the back of the cover for the cord.... February 15, 2014
Best thing since apple butter This is great for a Flat iron or curling wand. Pouch in back for cord. Excellent soft padded non-flammable bag. February 4, 2014
Pretty and very functional I use this cover everyday, not just when I travel. It doesn't take up much space and fits nicely in my bathroom drawer. The pink color is very pretty. July 16, 2013
Best Cover. Ad many of you women out there know. It is hard to pack the day you leave anywhere with waiting for a hot curling iron to cool down. This case is great for that purpose. You can curl your hair and then when done you can pack your curling iron right away. July 5, 2013
A real time saver! Having this cover has saved me a lot of time. I use to have to change my "getting ready" routine when I travel so that my flat iron had time to cool down. Now I don't have to worry about it. I can easily fit my flat iron and curling iron in one cover. It also has a great pocket in the back to store the cord. June 25, 2013
Curling and flat iron cover Very easy to use and it actually works unlike a lot of the other ones you see advertised. It even works so well I use it at home every day. This way my space stays organized and I can put them away with out having to worry. March 18, 2013
Life saver at home and away The curling and flat iron cover is a lifesaver at home and on the road. I love it for my gymbag when I'm working out over lunch or before heading to work--I don't have to wait for the flat iron to cool down before storing it. The self-storage pouch for the cord is genius. Thank you for offering this baggallini product--well worth the $15. March 18, 2013
Great item for traveling, compact and does the job!!! Great find. February 14, 2013
Great for Travel I travel a lot for business and hotels supply hair dryers but not flat irons, so taking it is a must. This protects my iron and I can put it away even while still hot. May 6, 2012
Exceeds Expectations I can't rave enough about this product; it is an amazing solution for women on the go with hot hair appliances!!! I go to the gym in the morning before work so I end up carrying an enormous amount of stuff and until I found this, I never took my straightner with me; I just styled my hair differently. I found it in the store and thought I would try it, but seriously thought I would need to return it â¿¿ how could this possibly work??? I was so skeptical that I first tried it at home on a weekend where I could test it myself to confirm it wasn't a fire hazard. This is so amazing!!! I immediately store this in the sleeve after I turn it off as I have to race out to work and this works perfectly. The case is not damaged, nor does it show signs of wear (using now about 3 months). I love when products live up to or exceed my expectations as that doesn't happen often these days. Thanks Bagallini and The Container Store for a superior product! April 22, 2012
Perfect Flat Iron Travel Case I have been looking for a case to protect my electronic hair accessories like my flat iron and InStyler while traveling. Been the only thing I could find which does the trick. March 19, 2012
Works! I always end up doing my hair last & I'm always in a hurry to pack...last week I forgot my curling iron because it was sitting out, cooling off & not with everything else I was packing. When I got to my destination & realized I forgot it I was not happy because I should have used my cover!!! It works, I've used it many times (for some reason I just forgot to pull it out of the closet last week). March 19, 2012
Love Love Love this! I have purchased this flat iron case for friends and own two myself. It wasn't available in pink when I bought it in NYC, but I could not be happier with this product. February 21, 2012
Let's Get This Show on the Road... This is just what the doctor ordered. No more planning your grooming schedule around your packing schedule to give the flat iron or curling iron time to cool off before packing it away in your luggage. I picked the fabulous pink! Fantastic mind-easer not to have to worry about packing a too hot tool. . December 29, 2011
Re-purposed I actually bought this item for another use besides a curling iron. It works fabulously! September 1, 2011
Curling Iron Safety Easy way to pack a hot curling iron. Fits well in suitcase or travel bag. July 4, 2011
Amazing! I use this at home, and can't wait to use it for travel as well. My parents always worry about my styling tools ruining countertops or other surfaces, and with this, there are no more worries! It has more than enough room to store a bulkier flat iron too. The material seems to be of great quality (I believe it is rip-stop-type material), and it is thin & lightweight without having the overall quality compromised. The bright pink color I purchased really makes it stand out against my other black travel accessories. It's easy to store when not in use, and I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to pack as well. I would definitely repurchase this, and I always recommend it to my family and friends. June 22, 2011
Wonderful Product! I travel frequently and used to put my curling iron in the fridge, freezer, or outside in cold weather places in order to cool it down before packing. I almost forgot to pack it a few times. I can pop the curling iron right into this cover and pack it right away! It works perfectly and I no longer worry about melting things in my suitcase with a hot curling iron. This purchase was for my Mom who has the same issue. : ) June 3, 2011
As advertised! I bought this curling iron cover for traveling and it works great and is just as advertised. I'm happy! May 26, 2011
Perfect This bag is great. It's heavy duty so I don't worry about my straightener being too hot, but it isn't so bulky that it's inconvienent to store! A perfect item! October 19, 2010
Curling & Flat Iron Cover The product was well made, but it should have been made over all larger. August 16, 2010
Works great! It's padded so it helps keep my flat iron protected in my luggage. June 20, 2010
Too HOT I am always on the go, so having this product is heaven sent. No more waiting for the curling iron to cool before placing it in your suitcase running the risk of forgetting it :) thanks May 21, 2010
This is great! I've burnt things with my curling iron countless times. This thing saved me so much that I use it at home too. May 19, 2010
Love it! This curling iron cover is wonderful. I use a professional grade curling iron (extra hot). I'm able to place the hot curling iron directly into the cover and put it in my closet or into my suitcase without fear of it damaging anything. It also has a storage pocket on the outside for the cord. It's so convenient that I use it daily! May 17, 2010
No more waiting for the iron to cool down! Imagine this, check out is at noon or you have to check out as soon you're dressed. Gotta have the curls in place, right? If you're me, curling is the last thing you do! This sleeve makes it easy to curl and go! I just put the hot iron in it and both in my toiletry bag. It's the greatest! May 17, 2010
low price and very effective Highly satisfied with this cover. Very impressed with this technology. Good price. May 17, 2010
Absolutly love this product! Feel safe when I walk away from my hair straightener or want to bring it with me with it is still hot/warm. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!! May 17, 2010
Totally worth your money This is a great product for the gal on the go. No more waiting for your curling/flat iron to cool down before you pack it up! May 14, 2010
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