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Great storage solution! If you are, as I was previously, in danger of losing a foot from wounds inflicted by stepping on Legos, you need these drawers! My kids can now easily organize and put away their Legos. There are enough drawers that you can sort by color. April 27, 2014
Everything is Awesome!!! My nine-year-old son is a Lego fanatic - this past year he only asked for Legos for both his birthday and Christmas. Needless to say I had some serious organizing to do! I remembered seeing Lego storage options at the Container Store and was very pleased by the selection they offered once I visited. I chose to buy two of the Lego Workstations and spent the next two days organizing our Legos by color. This was made easy because each of the units has six individual, uniquely-colored drawers/cases which have secure closures and a handle for easy transport. As an added bonus, each workstation also comes with two green building plates. The plates can be stored in the drawers, and one can even be secured on top of the unit for building time or displaying a Lego masterpiece! In addition to the Workstation, I chose to buy two sorting trays to organize the tiny and specialty Lego pieces. These trays were specifically designed for the Workstation drawers. To me these were invaluable, but I am super crazy that way! Without hesitation, I highly recommend the Lego Workstation. Its multi-colored, easily transportable cases make organizing a breeze, and the Lego smiling faces graphics can't help but make you happy and smile back! That is not an easy feat after organizing tiny little Lego pieces for two days! Lego mini-figures don't have thumbs, but if they did they'd give two yellow thumbs up!!! April 25, 2014
We bought this for our son who got into Legos about a year ago. This has been great, he can sorry them anyway he wants. It has made it easier for him to find the pieces he wants or needs! April 25, 2014
Handy Storage Love these storage containers. We now have two of them. They make it easy to separate the legos and for my son to use and see them all. Wish they had all the lego colors as container color so they would be color coded. Other than that, it is a secure storage and would recommend to anyone who has a child that loves legos! April 10, 2014
Wonder way to store Lego We are enjoying this Lego organizer very much. My son was very excited to be able to color sort his Legos and this takes up less room in the playroom than our bin system from before. I just wish they were stackable! April 10, 2014
Awesome way to store legos It is a great way to keep legos organized. Also, it prevents the kids from getting overwhelmed since they can take out one container at a time. My kids love the lego faces on each container too. We love the two lego boards it comes with - and they work with the little kid legos too. I would definitely recommend this to any lego lover! March 29, 2014
Lego Workstation This has proved to be one of the best things I have ever bought! It took me a while to organize ALL the lego's but now it is wonderful to watch him go and get exactly what he wants in a minute! March 25, 2014
Lego Condo Finally, a place for all the legos! We keep all the instructions and pieces for the set in its own drawer with the box pictures. Everyone knows where the pieces belong when looking for or putting away. Organized, symmetrical, colorful and game specific. A Perfect home for all our legos. March 11, 2014
The Perfect Storage Solution for Tons of Legos Our son has been into Legos for a little over a year now, and as we increase the quantities of Legos around our house, we have tried several different storage options that have all failed - until we got the Lego Workstation from Santa. :) With six "project cases" included, we additionally got four of the clear sorting trays to fit inside four of the cases. The sorting trays allow you to sort the different pieces by colors, shapes, however you like to keep pieces together and make them easy to find. As the sorting trays don't take up the entire height of the individual case, you can keep bigger Lego blocks or pieces that you've started putting together on top of the tray and can still close the case. We kept two of the cases "empty" (without the sorting trays) to fit large pieces, built pieces, etc. The fact that each project case snaps closed is great! Since the sorting trays fit perfectly lengthwise and widthwise, everything stays where you left it when you snap the case closed and slide it into the workstation. The latches are just right - easy for our five year old to open, but too difficult for our one year old to get into! Having six individual cases that can be completely removed from the workstation is wonderful as well, allowing you to take a case with you if you want to go somewhere (even just to another room) and take a few Legos with you. January 2, 2014
Good idea, but... Love the idea to be able to have the kids' legos organized. Problem (big problem) is the sorting trays do not keep the legos sorted. What 5 year old is going to keep the colored tray flat? Once the tray is tilted all the sorting that was done is no undone. Kind of defeats the purpose. December 31, 2013
great value I had bought several of these but the container store has the best price by far. December 27, 2013
Lego workstation to the rescue I must say that after stepping on legos every day and seeing them all around the house, this product is a god sent. The colored drawers are great as a small child can put the colored legos in each drawer. Space saver to say the least. We had buckets of legos hanging around and our sons room is very small so this product has helped to give him some more working space. I may want to add drawers to this if I can, our son is 7 and has had every lego product we could find for him. He likes the work station too because he can work on the top of it and not on the floor or carpets. Great product!!!!!! December 24, 2013
Great Lego organization We have 2 of these sets so far. I love that you can either put Lego sets in storage bags or loose in these boxes and they will be separate and look nice and neat as well! October 12, 2013
Good for older kids I bough this for my 4 year-old son's ever growing lego collection. I also purchased the divider trays to go in the cases. The dividers do not fit tightly in height so after spending time sorting the legos the minute my son tilted the case all the sorting was undone. I think this would not be a problem with an older child as they would be more careful. I am thinking about giving this to my husband to store his lego collection with care and buying the drawer version for my son to stuff his legos into, just to keep them off the floor. It would also help when I find random legos lying around and want to just open a drawer to put them away instead of removing a case and opening it. August 25, 2013
Perfect for older kids, protection for toddlers My 7 year grandson is passionate about Legos and often takes over the dining room table for the more complex models. The Workstation solves the problem of Lego pieces escaping on the floor to present a choking hazard for his 14 month old brother. Plus it promotes responsible clean-up before the model is finished, and provides storage for the completed model to protect it from the 14 month old destroyer. July 15, 2013
Great Lego Storage Great storage for Legos. Keeps them separated in colorful bins and has a work space on top. Great to wheel into the closet. April 27, 2013
Love This Product!! I wanted to give my Granddaughter her Dad's Legos but there were so many! This solved the problem! Storage for everything! Different cases for different projects! No dumping all on the floor to find pieces! I would have liked to see dividers but was able to find some to fit! Wish I had this 20 years ago for her Dad!! :) April 15, 2013
Cleaning Up Legos These Lego Project cases have come in handy. I have a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I bought these a few months ago because I was concerned about there being tiny legos that my little one could find and swallow. Now, we've organized the Legos by type, i.e. City, Superhero, etc. My older boy just takes out a case and plays with it at the table and knows that all pieces must be back in the case to put it away once finished. April 3, 2013
Not so good This organizer is cute but expensive for what it is. I have been using it (unsuccessfully) to store Duplos. I can see how it might be better for storing smaller Lego pieces for large-sized kits. I might instead start using it as an art supply storage case. March 29, 2013
Better for older kids We have one of these. I was sure it would solve our Lego storage problem. I was wrong! My Lego-ers are 4 and 5. They enjoy making sets, but much prefer mixing up all the sets an building their own creations. I love the creativity, but this tower wasn't made for such playing. i think they would be good for organizing individual sets. But my boys are way less than organized/disciplined to keep things orderly. More often than not, all 6 bins are out and open and dripping Legos. So, unless you have an older kid who likes order, go for an open bin or a big drawer set (as opposed to individually lidded bins). March 18, 2013
PERFECT Addition to any Lego Builders I have three little boys, all obsessed with Legos. I saw this online at the Container Store and asked Grandma to buy one for each of my boys for Christmas. It was a HUGE hit (and an organizational success for Mom!) My boys love them so much that they even store some of their favorite small toys inside of them. Each "drawer" is an actual carrying case. So they can not only store, but easily move to other areas of the house or take with on sleepovers! Very durable and sturdy ...perfect for boys! March 18, 2013
Great for tons of legos I bought this for my son's lego collection that was quickly getting out of control. To me, the snap lock closures on the cases are best feature. I love that he no longer accidentally spills legos all over the floor! There is plenty of storage space in the cases and I like that the lego kits can be kept separately in their own case with the building instructions. January 3, 2013
Lego Organizer Love this organizer! Previously we had a large plastic tub of Legos that was constantly being poured out so the children could find the smaller pieces. You can imagine what a big job it was for them to clean up after every Lego session. That is now a thing of the past. The 6 containers lock, so we haven't had any spills. Plus, the color coding helps them find what they are looking for. Now when they play, they simply lay out the six locking bins, open them up and get what they want. Clean up takes just a couple minutes. I had considered the stacking Lego cubes, but I like this one better. If you flip it over it looks like it's made for wheels, but The Container Store doesn't carry them. However, they do sell wheels for some of their other sets that can be hot glued into the bottom.This is what I did and they have not come out. July 31, 2012
Great Lego Storage This item is great for Lego storage. It holds a lot of Legos! The drawers are removable and are easy to carry around. And the top can be used as a building base for Lego creations. April 28, 2012
Awesome Lego Storage This is a great idea for storing and playing with Legos. My son loves that he can play and build with the Legos on the top of this with the Lego base. And he loves the colors. We sorted his Legos into different types and labeled each container. This has made all of our lives better because his playroom isn't strewn about with Legos and we aren't stepping on them all the time :) April 25, 2012
Excellent storage Great method of storing and organizing Lego. The only problem is that I wish I had another! Let me know when they are in stock! December 21, 2011
very useful. very cool looking. I love the faces on the boxes. I love that they are see through. I love that they are different colors. latches on boxes are a bit hard to open. I wish they came with some insert-able dividers. I purchased a clear drawer divider from Container Store for small pieces in one of the drawers. December 9, 2010
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