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Sand Fabric Storage Boxes by reisenthel®

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I bought several of the mid-size and large storage boxes to store off-season linens, sweaters, etc. These are superbly made, with the collapsible metal supports tight-fitting and strong (and once in place they won't accidentally collapse). You can stack them without a worry; they look great and, of course, one feels so organized....

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Excellent storage--better than any box This is a really well thought-out storage box. I purchased four of these boxes to store catalogues, magazines, photos, and documents from various projects. I like them for various reasons: they are sturdy, practical (handles), durable, they can be sealed with the zipper and velcro, and simply look better than any box. If you don't use them, they can be flattened and won't take up any space. So smart! June 14, 2014
master bath closet gets new life I have been thinking of reorganizing my master bathroom for a long time. When I found this storage box, I just kept shopping and found everything I else that was needed. My bed linens now have a place to live without taking up premium shelf space. Love having the Velcro & zipper features...bought two large boxes. Price kept me from buying more though... May 2, 2014
very nice storage option Very Durable and stylish storage boxes, collapsible when not in use. This is a great box for storing clothing, mementos, other items. Nice tag in front to identify your boxes. April 26, 2014
Amazing & Versatile We use this storage container for our non-profitâ¿¿s Necessities program â¿¿ a program for women diagnosed with gynecologic cancer. This container stores flat until we are ready to fill it with books, aromatherapy, music therapy, relaxing tea, a travel mug, etc. We brand/decorate the top and give the Necessities box to newly diagnosed women. We are not sure which they like the most, the container or the contents! This container has been the perfect solution to our needs. April 25, 2014
Versatile These containers are sturdy, easy to clean, roomy, and useful for multiple types of storage. We have many of them and use them for music storage, book storage (for projects), craft items and transportation of items we need for our dog. They look good and close well so things do not spill or get dusty. April 23, 2014
Great Storage Option! These are so nice because you can collapse them down when you don't need them. They have a nice wire frame that makes them very sturdy when you are using them. The labels on the outside are very nice to have. Love them! Use them for lots of rotating storage needs. April 11, 2014
Perfect I bought several of the mid-size and large storage boxes to store off-season linens, sweaters, etc. These are superbly made, with the collapsible metal supports tight-fitting and strong (and once in place they won't accidentally collapse). You can stack them without a worry; they look great and, of course, one feels so organized. Highly recommended. March 20, 2014
Fabulous Storage Containers!! I have purchased numerous Fabric Storage Boxes by Reisenthel®. I am converting my DVD and CD collections to plastic sleeves and these storage boxes are fabulous for containing them. They're stylish and sturdy. Excellent workmanship and the price is right. I even went back to get some baroque boxes for various collections and polka dot ones (for my wife's Lucille Ball collection, of course). They can be displayed and look great. The Container Store has everything needed for storage needs. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Thanks! March 10, 2014
Pretty and functional This is my second purchase. I liked it so much that I bought it twice! I use one for stockings and one for blouses. November 24, 2013
Attractive storage! I love these storage containers! They are very durable. They come in several attractive fabrics. They hold a lot more than you think! They are the "icing on the cake" in my closet! November 21, 2013
Great storage boxes Love these boxes. They fit on top of my closet shelves, store seasonal clothes, and help me keep my closet organized. Very practical September 3, 2013
Love it! I had been looking for a storage container like this for a long time. I like the clear plastic shoe boxes so you can see what's in it. But I wanted a container that allowed the items inside to breathe. Most containers that are similar are flimsy - the bottoms end up sagging or the sides don't hold. This container is very sturdy. The bottom is firm and does not bend or sag. I stuffed one of them full of jeans (that I will one day fit into again) and it never sagged. It's secure and keeps out the dust. The handles make it easy carry, put away and grab off the shelf. The space for the label makes it easy to ID contents. The price might make some hesitate but it is worth the expense for the quality of the containers. August 20, 2013
Awesome Storage!!! Versatile I wish I would have found this sooner. I have tried so many solution for off-season clothes, but they were either to heavy, took up too much space or not durable enough (ripped when I moved it).I saw these used on some YOUTUBE organizing videos and thought I would give them a try. I am thrilled with these fabric storage boxes. They look nice, are light and very durable. They fold away flat and hold about twice what I expected them to hold. I lost count of how many men's sweaters I put in each box - some of the sweaters were VERY bulky. I plan to use these to store several other items: photography equipment, crafts, infrequently used hair tools, extra office supplies I am so thrilled they take up almost no room when folded, much better than plastic bins in that way!! August 11, 2013
Love these boxes I purchased the large and medium sizes and they fit on my linen closet shelves perfectly! I was looking for something to put space bags in because the space bags slide around when stacked on each other and I've torn a couple of them on the wood shelf. These are perfect! I can get two "fully loaded" large size space bags in the large container, and two mediums in the medium. It's like these items were made for each other! July 20, 2013
Mega Storage Have 12" risers on queen bed frame and 7 of the large boxes fit underneath with 1/4" clearance ! What a great way to stash seasonal clothing as the capacity of each box is amazing. They barely show beneath the bedspread but even what does show is tidy and a neutral shade. July 19, 2013
Obsessed I'm obsessed with these storage boxes. I wanted a cute, strong/sturdy, collapsable bin that could keep out dust and it seemed like a dream item I'd never find until I found these! They collapse easily but are strong and sturdy when upright and the zip/velcro seal is perfect, easy to access/close and functional. The medium size is just about perfect for EVERYTHING. Ours holds everything from a welding helmet to office supplies to linens to figure skates. So versatile and adorable, I dont' mind if my guests see them out because they are decorative in their own right! April 26, 2013
Fabric Storage Boxes I have a loft with an open closet, so I wanted something decorative as well as functional to store all my stuff. I purchased a mix of Sand and Baroque Fabric Storage boxes, they look great, protect my stuff and keep me organized. April 3, 2013
Sensible, smart and sassy! I use these boxes to store my seasonal clothing. With the metal frame, they hold their shape quite well, yet offer a "softer" view when stacked in my closet. They hold a lot more than it seems possible and I can drop in a few lavender or sandalwood sachets to repel moths. The handles allow me to easily move them to another spot when needed. And they are easy to maintain: I just wipe them clean with a damp washcloth. Love them! April 1, 2013
must have I have several of these storage boxes in several sizes and love them. They are good for stacking or just fitting perfectly in the cabinet. Even using one temporarily as a toy box for my toddler. March 18, 2013
Great for car! These boxes are so terrific in my car! - all the clutter gets zipped away. And the larger one can carry a little dog food stash that stays in the car for weekend getaways! Next for home will be the red with polka dots! March 18, 2013
Best Container! Perfect size box for many different types of items. March 9, 2013
Great Space Saver Temporarily downsized so I purchased 7-8 Lg, Sand Fabric Storage Boxes to free up hanging space by storing out-of-season clothing. I love the collapsible, easy to raise, interior metal frame which provides great support for the box, the durable, heavy-weight canvas fabric, good quality zipper closures & handles on two sides & exterior pocket with file card for clear labeling of contents. Before, I had several long, cloth garment bags for storage which took up alot of valuable hanging space, were linear space hogs if stored overhead plus, flimsy & heavy when full which made them difficult & awkward to lift overhead. I've now freed up alot of space in my downsized closet by storing out of season items overhead in clearly labeled, durable, easy to lift boxes. September 29, 2012
Easy & quick to set up and plenty of space to work with. I think the only thing I'd want is maybe compartments.but that's not a deal breaker here. June 16, 2012
Civilized I purchased one of the larger fabric boxes in order to store "temporary" documents. After a couple years of use, I realized this is a perfect keepsake box. The great thing about these boxes is that they are durable and can be repurposed again and again. It is designed well with dual closures - velcro and zippers. April 30, 2012
Sturdy and Attractive Storage I bought 7 of these boxes to store seldom-used china. The boxes are on the top shelves of 5 tall kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is open to the family room so when the cabinet doors are open, it is important that the shelves inside look attractive and uncluttered. Thanks Container Store for these boxes! April 27, 2012
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