Double Folding Mesh Cube

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Double Folding Mesh Cube

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The Force is With This Laundry Basket
5 out of 5

I would recommend this laundry basket to my entire family, especially my dad Darth Vader and my sister Princess Leia Organa Solo. This laundry basket would also be perfect for my friend Han Solo, who would benefit greatly from the use of this product, as he has a very poor sense of personal hygiene. The great Jedi Master Yoda used this product...

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Quality is Slipping
3 out of 5

I have purchased three of this same product in white over the past five years. They stand up and don't collapse when empty. This new one collapses even when it is half full of clothes. When it empty, it fall into a little square. Cutting corners to save a few tenth of cent on component parts-I guess.

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Double Folding Mesh Cube 4.8 5 70 70
Holds up well Had my double cube for 9 years now to store my older kid's clothes that are for another season or for my younger children. I like that the mesh allows the clothes to breathe, unlike a plastic tote (which is not good for storing clothes). The tall cube keeps its shape and the handles make it easy to carry July 15, 2014
Best Laundry Sorting Baskets Ever I absolutely love these bins. Storing is a breeze and they hold just the right amount for a full washer load. Only problem is there are not enough colors. I wish I had seven or eight different colors as it would make sorting laundry even easier. As it is I have pinned a label on each one so I know which load is in which bin. Carrying one to the laundry room is a breeze. I use the larger single bins for sorting for the dryer. For the OCD Laundry Queen these have been a dream come true. May 25, 2014
Have bought multiples I've had a double height mesh cube and two of the single ones. They're great not only for laundry but also for storage. They also brilliantly collapse when you don't need them. April 27, 2014
Perfect fit in my linen closet! We were needing several laundry bins to pre-sort our laundry, but only had a 26-inch square space to use. After scouring the internet, I found these gems! I bought one of each color, and combined with an old black bin from my college days, we created the perfect laundry organization for our new home! These bins are made of very sturdy material. The handles are wide and well-sewn. You can carry a whole bin-full of clothes to the laundry room (or laundromat) with ease and not wince at the fabric digging into your hand under the weight of a week's worth of laundry. These bins would have been perfect when we lived in a small apartment. If we'd had 4 of these back then it would have saved a ton of space instead of having a bunch of random sized plastic bins. The different colors allow us to "color-code" our loads for white, colors, darks, an delicates or towels. The mesh bins very easily fold down into their stow-away size. In fact, the way they fold down it almost seems like they prefer to be that way. A small child could do it. Or a full grown idiot. Each mesh cube holds a full large load of laundry for our machine, your average top loading washer. I'm sure a full one of these would easily fill a side-loading washer as well. Five months after moving into our home and this is still my most proud organization project in the whole house. I call it my "pride and joy" during the "welcome to our new home show-off and tour" spectacular. April 25, 2014
excellent & versatile This travels at least weekly to dry cleaner & has held up over time. Folds conveniently. April 25, 2014
Satisfied Purchased all 3 colors for college. Larger than expected, breathable for damp towels, handles stitched on well for transporting. Liked that they are individual vs. attached to use for sorting and taking separately to the laundry room. Great colors. April 25, 2014
Great for laundry baskets These mesh cubes are perfect for laundry baskets for my kids. They are plenty big and easy to carry with the handles on the sides. The compress for smaller storage. April 23, 2014
Great for dorm rooms and more I purchased this product because my son is in a dorm and he needed a laundry basket that was durable yet compact in size for the amount of space he has in his room. You can get a ton of dirty clothes in this plus once the clothes are clean you can use it to transport from the laundry room or from home. We can fold it up and store it over the summer too! April 17, 2014
GREAT for college, sturdy I've had this folding mesh cube for over 6 years. I use it for laundry, storage, moving, anything and it is amazing. It has yet to get a tear or any type of real wear. It stretches to accomodate more items. The handles are large enough to sling the bag over my shoulder making it easier to carry longer distances (like to my laundry room in the basement!) Definitely a fantastic purchase!! April 15, 2014
animal control We purchased 2 of these cubes for my 13 year-old daughter's plush character collection. They are sturdy, yet compact enough to stash in her room. The mess is contained and updated for her age - and as she continues to grow :-( , they will continue to be useful for other applications. March 25, 2014
laundry bliss Takes up little room because it's mostly vertical, holds its shape unaided, holds TONS of stuff (especially when neatly folded!) and comes in cool colors: I got the white for college daughter at Oklahoma City University and the silver for son at Texas A&M! March 14, 2014
Perfect for Seperating Dirty Clothes I purchased two Double Folding Mesh Cubes - one for laundry and one for dry-cleaning. The cubes are much sturdier compared to what I thought they would be - even holding their shape and durability when we fall behind on laundry end up stuffing them with towels, jeans and more. The cubes sit side-by-side in our walk-in and don't take up a big footprint. They are perfect for small walk-in closets and make even dirty laundry look cool. Plus - you can see through the mesh so you can find what you're looking for the next time you're rummaging around looking for something you forgot you put in the laundry. February 3, 2014
Double Mesh Folding Cube Great little little laundry basket. Excellent quality materials and easy to fold for storage. I plan to get more! January 10, 2014
lightweight, easy to fold I'm using these to sort clothes in my laundry room instead of using the floor. They're good enough but not great. They're tall and narrower than I'd prefer and I don't think they'll last too long. I like that they fold which is the main reason I got them. I can hide them between cabinets when not used instead of bulkier baskets. November 16, 2013
Quality is Slipping I have purchased three of this same product in white over the past five years. They stand up and don't collapse when empty. This new one collapses even when it is half full of clothes. When it empty, it fall into a little square. Cutting corners to save a few tenth of cent on component parts-I guess. November 1, 2013
Love, love, love I use these to sort my laundry. Easily folds away when task is done. Love them October 4, 2013
Best cubes ever! I bought these for my son's college dorm room to save space when not in use and to hold extra items like towels and blankets, in order to keep them organized. They are fantastic!! September 5, 2013
Love It ! A great purchase for college or of at home. I fits in small places and looks great and you have great colors to choose from. August 26, 2013
Just perfect This is just perfect for our daughter's upstairs bath. Holds the just right amount and is easy to carry down stairs when full. May 28, 2013
Super convenient fold-up I bring this folded up into my big-city laundry room and carry it out full of clean, folded clothes in my shopping cart. With a shortage of space in a city apartment, it's great to have a light-weight hamper that folds. Although it has handles, it's not a heavy, sturdy item, so you cannot carry a heavy load in it. May 3, 2013
Makes sorting laundry easy! This is my very favorite laundry "basket" and I only wished I had discovered them sooner! On laundry day, I hated managing piles of clothes on the floor and these collapsible hampers were my solution! I have 3 of these: white for whites, blue for lights, and black for darks. When the laundry is done, they collapse flat, so I can store them away on the shelf above my washer & dryer. I'm so thankful they store so easily! They're lightweight, yet sturdy, and I love that they have handles on them for easy toting. I also appreciate that they're made of breathable mesh because sometimes the clothes need airing out. They also make a great hamper for kids! Even my toddler can put her dirty clothes in it! April 29, 2013
Great purchase! Double folding mesh cube is great in the closet for dirty laundry! It folds up easily, the handles make it easy to carry to the washer. April 28, 2013
Great for light loads I've had one of these for several years, which certainly speaks to its durability. That said, it has a slight tendency to want to fold back up, and probably isn't designed for really heavy loads. I'm planning to upgrade to something sturdier soon, but if you're looking for something that easily stows when not in use, it's a great and very affordable option. April 26, 2013
Perfect for dorms or bedrooms I bought 2 of these, one for a college dorm and one for my daughters bedroom. the handles make it easy for the college student to take to laundry facility. they are easy to tuck in a corner or place in a closet. April 26, 2013
Great basket These baskets are great, because I always had the problem the the laundry basket was upstairs when I needed it downstairs and vice versa. Now I can just keep a few extras in the closet upstairs and a few in the laundry rooms, and sort whereever I am, because they fold up flat. April 16, 2013
Love these mesh cubes I love these mesh cubes! I'm disabled and using them for laundry is great because they are lightweight. I also using the different sizes for sewing projects. And I have some of the really small ones that I use for storing items beside my bed and couch. I highly recommend them. April 16, 2013
Very good! It has lasted longer than other baskets of this kind (I use it for laundry) It's easy to carry when full, and easy to store. April 7, 2013
College Great for a college student like me! Easy to carry and store! March 31, 2013
Great Hamper for Small Spaces This is a great hamper. I recently bought 3 so I could 'pre-sort' my laundry. Like the other reviews said - they are light and keep clothes aired out. Unexpected perk: You can fold the cube halfway down (when there's the right amount laundry inside) to save space/stack cubes. March 25, 2013
Love My Mesh Laundry Containers!!! I purchased the Black, Blue, and White one for my kids. We keep them in the linen closet in the bathroom. The kids sort the clothes by darks, lights, and whites as they throw their laundry in it. Saves some time on wash day. Our laundry room is not on the same floor as our bedrooms. These containers are easy to move around. After washing the clothes I fold and place back in the containers. Each kid has their own color to take back up to their rooms and put away. March 20, 2013
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