Like-it® Sectioned Drawer Dividers

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Like-it® Sectioned Drawer Dividers

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My jewelry finally has a home!
5 out of 5

For years, I have tried to find a place to put costume jewelry. This sale enabled me to buy the 20 small section drawer dividers for earrings, 6 section for large earrings or necklace pendants, small 2 section for bracelets and watches, and large 2 section for necklaces. All fit in a dresser drawer, stack, and there is no need to buy a cabinet or...

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very useful my sister and I do alot of arts and crafts type things and these just help to organize all the little pieces. would definitely recommend and buy again. April 25, 2014
Shallowest Organizers I could find I have very shallow desk drawers but they are long so I needed something to help me organize it. These fit perfectly. Might even get another. April 21, 2014
Great product, didn't work for my needs First of all, I bought the drawer divider with 20 small compartments. It is sturdy and cute - although it is officially a drawer divider, I could just as easily see it sitting out on a shelf with something pretty in each section. Unfortunately, it didn't work for my needs. A different comment had mentioned using it for essential oils, which is what I had hoped for, but unfortunately Mountain Rose Herbs' .5 fl oz bottles did not fit. On the other hand, Aura Cacia's .5 fl oz bottles fit perfectly. Obviously this is not the fault of the product, as it was meant for office supplies, but I thought this could be useful for some other people. To help anyone else who might be using it for unconventional means, based on my (possibly imprecise) measurements, the interior of each compartment is 26mm x 28mm. Aura Cacia's bottles are 26mm x 26mm and so they fit perfectly, but Mountain Rose Herbs' bottles have a diameter of 28mm, so they don't fit. Anyone else out there who buys Mountain Rose Herbs products and is looking for an organizer, so far I know they fit neatly in the 12-Section Acrylic Nail Polish Riser, and they fit in the Acrylic Square Hinged-Lid Boxes if you don't mind taking the top off. April 18, 2014
Organizational Heaven Bought these to place inside the portfolio container to help me organize jewelry especially all of my charms and beads. April 3, 2014
Works perfect for my needs!!! This is the product I came into the store for and I am so happy that I did. I love essential oils and have quite a few small glass bottles that I was putting on a shelf in my closet. I have a tall plastic drawer unit in my closet that has several small drawers so I decided to put them in there. The fit great but as I like to keep them in alphabetical order found it frustrating because each time I opened the drawer they slid back. I put some felt down but that caused them to fall when I opened the drawer. I knew if I went online and looked at the Container Store I would find a solution and boy did I !!! I had measured the drawer so knew four would fit inside. I kept the felt underneath because there was a small amount of space and that worked perfectly!!! Since I had four I can store 80 bottles of oil!!!! I have since ordered the ones with bigger openings for my larger bottles and the one with two opening so my roller balls can lie inside. I am excited for them to arrive soon. I know this product was made for office supplies but this works great to hold standing bottles of essential oils in a small drawer!!! January 5, 2014
Doesn't really fit the drawers perfectly I bought half a dozen of the various drawer dividers to fit in the landscape drawers that they're paired with on the site, but check your measurements - these do NOT perfectly fit into the drawers. I assumed they fit snugly into the dimensions of the drawer, but instead they slide and move around when you open the drawers, which is a bit disappointing. They're great at freestanding, stackable dividers (like for jewelry, or other items), but it's misleading to market these as being a companion piece for the Like It landscape drawers. November 12, 2013
sturdy organizers Needed organizer for shallow drawer. This is perfect. April 23, 2013
Fits perfectly in shallow drawer Love my new organizers. I've searched for months to find some less than 1 inch high for my file drawers. Now I can organize keys, clips and even my post it notes so my drawer will get used! March 12, 2013
LOVE i love these! i really wanted to organize my jewelry after having them stored away in boxes. i adore that these stack on top of each other March 7, 2013
Great drawer divider Very sturdy and fits perfectly. I purchased three, of the two divider design. They are perfect. March 2, 2013
Good deal! works well, sturdy. this helps me to keep all my small office supplies organized February 17, 2013
Great find for shallow drawers I had been looking for a long time for drawer organizers that would fit in my daughter's very shallow desk drawers. These are perfect at only 1 1/2 inches high. It is very hard to find any that are low profile and also of such good quality. There is also a good variety to choose from, so we could really customize her drawers with large and small compartments. June 17, 2012
Perfect for organizing makeup!!! Like many women, I had a shelf in the medicine cabinet, and a drawer by the sink where all of my makeup was scattered about. This lead not only to a messy look, but also to misplacing items all of the time, and to broken compacts because my precarious stacks didn't always hold up. So, I bought 3 of these clear plastic organizers which are small enough to fit in both my medicine cabinet and drawer. Now my nail polishes are all in one place and easy to access, my eye shadows are filed neatly away and don't leave a trail of shimmery powder everywhere, and when I travel for work, it makes packing so much easier! These were a great purchase!!! April 6, 2012
My desk drawer is so much more organized now and I can reach in without getting poked by push pins!! March 1, 2012
My jewelry finally has a home! For years, I have tried to find a place to put costume jewelry. This sale enabled me to buy the 20 small section drawer dividers for earrings, 6 section for large earrings or necklace pendants, small 2 section for bracelets and watches, and large 2 section for necklaces. All fit in a dresser drawer, stack, and there is no need to buy a cabinet or storage to put them in! Just empty a drawer! They stack nicely, and since they are clear, you can see what is in the layers below! I Love this product! February 22, 2012
Great to go along with drawers I bought the pen holder and love it - now I can find my pens without searching through my desk drawer - they are in my tray near my paper on a book shelf. February 17, 2012
Probably work better in the drawers I purchased two of the large (9x6) drawer dividers for use in a landscape paper tray. Two of them fit side by side. I wish that they would stack in the trays, but they just aren't quite high enough. I didn't want drawers on my desk because it wouldn't work as well for my crafty needs. I also wish that they made the large tray without any divider, for more flexible storage. I think this product is high quality, and I highly recommend them, but I think they work better in the drawer than in the paper trays. January 22, 2012
Awesome Buy I bought all of these items in the various sizes and created a jewelry holder for myself. I just keep it inside my closet so no need for a drawer. I use the large half divided one for watches or bracelets. The rest I stack on top and move them around as I need the different pieces. I made one for my mom and she loves it too!! November 1, 2011
Great dividers I use these in the Landscape Paper Drawer. I use the drawers for storing jewelry. No more digging for the right accessory, it's all sorted and right there. The dividers are designed to be stackable so if you put a small divider on top of a large divider, it will slide back and forth so you can have access to the items in the bottom layer. Very well designed. April 3, 2011
Excellent solution for a shallow drawer I have a very shallow drawer in our bathroom where items were getting lost because they just rolled around. Since buying these drawer dividers in various sizes, everything is neat, orderly and easy to find. They are shallow so they fit this drawer perfectly. I bought the 20 section divider for my earrings and now I never have any problems locating anything. So nice to be organized! Thanks for a great solution and great price. March 16, 2011
Perfect fit for document drawers Four of these fit great in the document drawers or document boxes and corraled all of my jewelry in the two drawer set (4 per drawer). I got multi sizes but especially loved the size with mini slots for earrings. February 23, 2011
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